The square on the packaging of toothpaste: check what color it is and what it means!

For the health and beauty of teeth requires daily proper care for them. One of the mandatory means of oral hygiene is toothpaste. Store shelves are filled with various tubes. Know how to choose the right pasta and why color box on packaging is important.

How to choose a toothpaste?

Certain criteria allow you to purchase a safe product that does not harm the teeth. When choosing pay attention to the following points:

1. Composition. It is necessary to refuse products with parabens, which, if used regularly, cause harm to the human body.

Important! Fluoride is necessary for teeth. However, you should use pasta with it carefully. Funds with a high fluorine content are permissible to apply only as prescribed by a doctor.

2. Individual needs. The teeth of different people differ in their condition. Pastes are also different: for sensitive teeth, with the effect of whitening and others. When choosing a product, it is necessary to take into account, in addition to its main action, the desired effect, as well as the condition of the oral cavity. If the sensitivity is increased, the usual means only harm.

3. Expiration date and place of purchase. Be sure to check how long the product can be used. Some people ignore this rule and acquire expired funds. Drugstores should be chosen for purchase, not supermarkets.

What do the squares on the tube of toothpaste mean?

In addition to the above recommendations for the selection, there is an important nuance when buying pasta. On each package you can find small squares of different colors. Many do not pay attention to them, but in vain. After all they, as a litmus test, show and tell about how safe this product is.


Most of the composition has natural, wholesome ingredients. The safest and most useful product. There are no chemical components in the product with a green square.


Means that in the composition, in addition to natural ingredients, there are chemical. The product has not completely useful composition, however, it is not worth considering it unsafe.


Signals about the presence of hazardous chemicals among the ingredients. Although their number in this case is minimal, it is worth refusing to use such a tool.

The black

Such a box signals the greatest danger.. The means marked by him have almost completely chemical composition. Among the ingredients are many harmful ingredients. Do not use such pastes.

When choosing it is worth exploring not only the composition of the product, but also the color of the square on the package. This is especially true of children's pastes, where safety should be maximized. This will not harm the oral cavity and the body as a whole. The same marking on all creams, pay attention when buying on the color of the squares.

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