Where do the ants in the apartment come from and how to get rid of them

Unexpected guests in the apartment - the ants bring some trouble, cause disgust, and also bite. I’ll tell you how to deal with them, to prevent the emergence and reproduction.

Why do ants appear in the apartment

It is believed that ants live only in private houses or appear in apartments located on the ground floor. Thinking like that is a mistake. Ants can appear in any home. Their moves can be found behind the skirting boards.

So, where can ants come from:

  • from basements, especially old houses;
  • from the street;
  • from the neighbors.

Usually, pharaoh ants live in a house. They are small in size, do not live in gardens and forests, they are planted in houses. The second variety is thieves. They live on the street, and resort to food in the house. More often, such insects get into apartments on the first floors, private dwellings, like to profit from cottages. Understand that they are, it is possible by the frequency of attacks.

Why are ants dangerous?

Besides the fact that ants disgust, their stay can cause serious harm to humans.

Why ants need to be destroyed:

  • they carry infection, microbes and other muck from sewers, garbage bins;
  • they store the crumbs and their other prey in the cracks, all this rots, mold forms;
  • the result of their life activity is the accumulation of their "prey" and excrement.

Reference! Nobody knows where insects will arrange their warehouse with waste products. They will choose any cabinet in the kitchen, baseboard in the children's room or an old box with Christmas decorations. None of these places require such guests.

How to get rid of ants in a house

Options for controlling insects can be divided into two groups: folk methods and chemistry. In the first case, cheapness bribes, but it is not always possible to get an effect. Some recipes are simply useless - ants continue to attack.

Chemicals are more effective, but it is not always possible to use them, especially in homes withchildren and animals. They are also contraindicated in allergy sufferers, asthmatics, or people with other pulmonary diseases.

Folk remedies against ants

I recommend starting with folk recipes. Perhaps they will help you, eliminate the need to buy and use unsafe chemistry. Recipes mainly use available ingredients that can be found at home or at a nearby store.

Popular ways:

  1. Ammonia. It is necessary to fill the contents of one bubble to where the ants accumulate. They will definitely leave.
  2. Boric acid. Mix 1 teaspoon of the powder with a glass of water, add a spoonful of sugar or honey. Lubricate skirting boards, crevices, places of accumulation of insects.
  3. Pressed yeast. Dilute with water to a pulp state, add a little granulated sugar. Grease the ant "paths" with the resulting paste.
  4. Corn flour. Maybe feed the ants? Sprinkle corn flour in their habitats. This product is not digested, swells, insects die.

If a small accumulation of ants is found, then you can simply fill them with vegetable oil, it is better to use an unrefined (odorous) product.

Attention! The insects are scared away by the smells of onions and fresh garlic. If the coating allows and food is not stored nearby, you can sprinkle the appearance of ants with bleach.

Chemicals against ants

If home remedies did not help, then you should buy chemicals in the store. Now there is a large selection - basically all funds can be divided according to the form of issue.

What can I buy:

  • dichlorvos and other similar aerosols;
  • crayons, pencils;
  • poisoned sprinkles;
  • gels against insects.

Important! Regardless of the chosen form of the drug, you need to carefully read the instructions, observe safety measures, protect children and animals from contact with toxic substances.

Ant Prevention

If an insect appears, then you must immediately "start a war", do not wait for the invasion of "relatives and friends." It is much more difficult to cope with the army - it will require a lot of time and effort. In addition, ants breed incredibly quickly. If they do not live in the house, but are the so-called "thieves", then very soon a track will be laid for the movement of entire armies.

In order not to encounter unexpected guests, I recommend:

  • throw out garbage on time;
  • regularly wash the floor and dishes, as dirt and crumbs attract ants;
  • close up cracks, especially when living in old buildings;
  • baseboards around the perimeter of the house or apartment rub special chalks from ants.

Cleanliness is not only a guarantee of health, but also protection from insects, especially ants. If you often clean up, prevent the accumulation of crumbs on the floor and tables, clean food in sealed dishes, then the ants will lose all interest in your home.

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