The sound on the laptop has become quieter: what to do

Of course, the quiet sound complicates the work of the laptop and does not allow its further normal operation. Before you start any repair activities, you need to determine the causes. Only then can the necessary measures be taken.

Why the sound on the laptop has become quieter

Most often, this question cannot be answered immediately. In this case, the following options should be considered:

  1. Failure of the speakers themselves. Most often, they suffer from the fall of a laptop or other mechanical deformations. It is not always possible to fix this problem, as a rule, it is necessary to completely replace all the elements.
  2. Channel pollution. Over time, the channel becomes polluted, as a result, the volume is quieter. To make the laptop work as usual, you need to perform cleaning.
  3. If the column is cracking or wheezing, it indicates that it is damaged, and the performance can be returned only after installing a new speaker.
  4. Faults in the motherboard. If any of its elements is non-working, then to determine the damage it is necessary to perform diagnostics. Only in this way can it be revealed what kind of repair is required.
  5. Failure of the volume control controller. Usually repair it does not make sense. In order for the laptop to start working again, the controller must be replaced.

How to find the cause

You need to start with a search for a probable problem, and before that you definitely need to check the following:

  1. Check with several sources - turn on the movie or music track, if during playback the sound is normal, then the problem is not in the laptop, but in the playback file, which was with a poor-quality sound.
  2. Make the volume higher with the sliders located near the clock on the bottom right, probably so you can fix the problem.

If this does not work, then we need to understand further.

How to troubleshoot

If the problem is not solved in the usual way, then the following malfunctions can be considered.

Speaker problem

If external speakers are used, it is necessary to check, probably, the connection cord has gone. If so, just paste it.

If the laptop is relatively old, then the problem may be in the sound card, where different devices have been installed countless times. In this case, the contacts may wear out and the sound is quieter.

There are several ways to fix the problem:

  1. It is necessary in some way to fix the cord from the speakers so that it is firmly in the connector.
  2. Take it to the workshop to change the connector.

If the wire is held securely, you can consider the following problem.

Incorrect update or driver

Incorrect driver operation may occur if an update has recently occurred. As a rule, this does not cause negative consequences, but in some cases conflicts of different drivers appear. Approximately more than half of software problems with mobile PCs are caused by incorrect drivers:

  1. You can check this by going to the "Control Panel", then in the "System and Security" menu, here you can go to the "Task Manager".
  2. In the manager, you need to go to "Sound devices" and see if there are any "exclamation marks" anywhere. If they are present, it means that some kind of malfunction has occurred.

Reference! But, anyway, you can try to update the driver. You can do this by right-clicking and on the menu that appears, and click "Refresh".

System Settings Windows

If the above points did not correct the cause of the failure, most likely an error occurred in the OS settings.

First, as already mentioned, you need to check the volume through the menu of sound located near the clock. If everything is in order, the sound is at the maximum, then go to the tab "Devices and sound", here you need to find the following menus:

  1. "Sound equipment control".
  2. "Volume control".

In the "Volume Adjustment" tab, you can adjust the sound for a single application - set everything to maximum volume.

In the "Sound Equipment Management" all the more difficult - here you need to find the equipment from which the sound is played. You will need to open the properties and find the following items:

  1. "Enhancement" - if this menu is present, activate "Thin-compensation" if it is disabled, and uncheck the others.
  2. "Levels" - here you need to set everything to the maximum.

If the problem is not fixed

It remains only to try various applications that allow you to make a louder sound.

For example, programs such as:

  • mp3 direct cut;
  • SoundBooster;
  • Audacity.

These programs are many, but they are the most popular.

Anyway, if you yourself can not fix the problem, it is best to contact the specialists. In this case, they will consider all possible options, why this breakdown appeared, and perform the appropriate repair of equipment.

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