How to transfer files from laptop to laptop

Moving files between multiple devices is a very important feature for a wide range of fields. Starting from a simple movie download and transfer to TV for viewing, ending with the delivery of projects and term papers. If the file size is small, within a few megabytes, then you can easily get by with external media and file clouds. But if we are talking about archives weighing several tens of gigabytes, then alternative methods must be used here.

How to transfer files between laptops

It will describe several ways to transfer files between laptops or PCs. These are not all options, but the ones collected here are the most popular and easy to use.

Using the SMB Protocol

Developers decipher the abbreviation of their creation, as "Server Message Block". This protocol allows for data transfer through a network cable with various services installed on laptops:

  • Bonjour. After installing this program, you need to select the system settings for data exchange by selecting the "file transfer" mode. After the function turned on, you need to select "Parameters", and immediately after that in the drop-down list "Transfer files and folders using SMB". Files will be transferred between all participants in the network connection.
  • SMB directly. If, for some reason, the previous service could not recognize the operating system on the second device, it is recommended that you try to transfer the data manually through the "Finder". In the Finder window, select the "Go" menu and the "Connect to server" item. After that, you will need to enter the network address of the computer with which you need to establish pairing.
  • Mount Smbfs. This is the name of the plugin, in which the user has the opportunity to mount the local disk from the SBM protocol. First of all, you need to create a shared folder in a convenient place, open Terminal.exe in the program folder (Applications / Utilities /), enter the command "mount_smnfs // user_name @ server / share- / Desktop / mount". Quotation marks are not needed, user_name is entered instead of user_name, and server is the name of the URL of the server used. Share - the name of the folder in which the local disk is mounted.

Using a storage device

The simplest method mentioned earlier. You just need to pick up an external flash drive, floppy disk, CD or DVD, another device in the form of a phone, tablet and other things, and then transfer the data to the memory of a third-party container. The second step of the operation will be to connect the “carrier” to the laptop, on which you want to transfer data and ensure the transfer of files to the memory of the new computer.
Transferring data to disk simply by dragging and dropping files will fail. You must use third-party programs for such operations. BurnAwareFree is best suited for CD and DVD, this utility provides fast and secure data transfer to an external drive. The important thing is not to interrupt the process of recording files and closing the track.

Direct connection via firewire cable

Firewire is a special way to transfer data from a computer to a computer at a breakneck speed (about 3200 Mbit / s). This method was invented a long time ago, back in 1992, and today it is gradually being replaced by newer products.

To start using the system, the user needs to purchase a controller and special cables. You should pay attention to the connectors - they must correspond to what is used on laptops, otherwise connecting wires will not work and pairing will not be provided. The interface supports the Russian language, so it’s not difficult to figure out the settings.

With the help of the controller, customers using Firewire will be able to provide communication between more than 60 different devices.

Reference! All changes in the settings are applied in real time, without the need to restart the control center.

Using a crossover cable

If you combine two laptops using a network cable, then the data transfer speed between them will increase at times, but first you will need to configure something:

  • Disable Windows Blandmauer on both laptops.
  • Through the Control Panel, get into "Network and Internet" and go to the adapter settings. Set the local network mode, in the properties of which you should specify "protocol number 4".
  • Enter the IP address ( and accept the automatic mask (255 thrice and 0).
  • Repeat all steps on the second computer.
  • Enable network detection on both devices, 128-bit encryption and disable password request in the appropriate settings, allow connections in the home group.
  • Reboot computers.
  • Transfer data over a network. It is not recommended to use the system disk with this method of connection (by default it is C).

Watch the video: Share Files Between Two Computers Using WiFi software (November 2019).


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