Keys F1 - F12 on the keyboard do not work

Function buttons, which are represented on the standard keyboard F1 - F12, are responsible for many functions. These include both updating the page (F5) and instantly closing the active window (Alt + F4 combination). Most of the features of the function buttons are very useful. For example, to increase or decrease the volume. Therefore, when a malfunction occurs precisely with them, the user loses many functions.

Resolving a Problem Using Other Keys

Function buttons may not work for several reasons.


Many keyboards have a separate “F Lock” or “F Mode” button. When pressed, the function buttons are locked. Usually a light indication in the form of an LED indicates blocking. It is enough to press this panel again, after which the function keys will be unlocked.

Locking can also be carried out not with a separate button, but with the F11 or F12 key.


In addition, a malfunction of the keyboard may be due to mechanical damage.. It is possible that liquid has been spilled on the keyboard or it has been dropped. In this case to diagnose a malfunction, the device should be disassembled. This is easy to do if the keyboard is connected to a PC. However, when it comes to a laptop, the parsing process becomes difficult.

The problem may also be a violation of the integrity of the cable or connector. In order to verify this, connect the device to another computer or to another USB port.

With special knowledge and skills, you can fix the malfunction on your own. To do this, just solder the detached contact or replace the cable on the keyboard. After that, the problem will be fixed.

ATTENTION! If the gadget is under warranty, you should be careful. Attempting to remove the case or disassemble it leads to the fact that the device will no longer be serviced at service centers for free.

Solving the problem using drivers

One of the reasons for the malfunction may be a malfunction of the drivers. In order to fix the problem, you need to go to the official website of the manufacturer of the keyboard or laptop. And then find the appropriate model and download the latest software.

REFERENCE! To check the operability of the drivers, just boot the system in "Safe Mode". If the function buttons will correctly perform the options in this mode, then there is a problem with the software. Therefore, you should proceed to reinstall the drivers.

BIOS Update may also come to the rescue. This method is suitable for laptop owners. But, you should be careful, as there is a risk of harming the computer.

REFERENCE! Usually this method helps if the last automatic update was interrupted or installed incorrectly.

  • In order to download this application, you need to go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer. And then select the "Download software and drivers" section.
  • After that, by entering the device model, select the existing OS.
  • Then you should open the BIOS section and download the application.
  • After downloading the software you need to run it with a double click and install the application.
  • When the computer restarts and the problem disappears.

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