Quartz vinyl floor tiles what is it

Choosing a coating during construction, it is worth considering previously a lot of possible materials. In this same article, emphasis will be placed on quartz-vinyl tiles. Thus, we will analyze not only its specifics, but also the advantages and disadvantages that are inherent in the presented surface.

Features of Quartz Vinyl

Of course, before delving into the topic, you should understand what a vinyl floor tile is. First of all, it is a rather heavy material that has a high density. It is worth noting that at the same time with these properties, it is elastic. Most often, users exploit it both in the open and in the open air. Thus, the named coating option differs from the others in many advantages.

Advantages and disadvantages

As already mentioned, the tile has a lot of advantages over other similar structures. Therefore, a list of the following features is mentioned below:

  • Perhaps one of the most important advantages is the fact of environmental friendliness. Manufacturers guarantee that all available negative substances are not released even at the highest temperature conditions.
  • In addition, the tile is able to tolerate even the highest moisture indicators, which can not be said about other products.
  • It is absolutely safe in case of fire. That is, when a source of combustion occurs, this material will not support it.
  • It is also necessary to mention the absence of various damages when exposed to any active chemistry.
  • As for the service life, this is a temporary indicator up to 25 years.

REFERENCE! This undoubtedly speaks, respectively, of durability and wear resistance.

  • If you place quartz-vinyl directly in a room with sharp jumps in temperature, then nothing will happen to it. Therefore, the builder can not worry about the position.
  • It is worth noting resistance to shock and other physical exertion.
  • In addition, the tile acts as a noise isolator.
  • You may notice that it is not only easy to repair, but also to look after it in the future. That is, the user will only need to purchase certain detergents and use them for their intended purpose.
  • Also, the material is good not only in technical characteristics, but also in aesthetic. Appearance is the ultimate in neatness.
  • If you need to achieve a thermal effect, then the procedure is as simple as possible. Moreover, there will be no need to purchase a special substrate.
  • At the end of the list, it is worth adding that the tile does not have the ability to conduct electric current, which directly speak of antistaticity.

Despite the above number of positive features, there are opposing sides, namely:

  • For example, if we compare this representative with rolled material, the first of them is characterized by the appearance of gaps, although this happens over time.
  • The need to reproduce an exceptionally flat surface. In a different situation, defects and possible pits will be visible. Therefore, you must first prepare and ensure the ideal area.
  • In addition, you should not lay the tile directly on the concrete space.
  • Installation time takes many hours. Accordingly, you have to wait a long time.

What are they made of?

Thanks to modern technology, it can be said that quartz-vinyl is an updated PVC. However, during manufacture, quartz sand is also included. It is he who makes up 60 percent of the total total part. As for the remaining shares, these are various impurities. Due to the polyvinyl chloride used in the production, imitation of other materials is carried out, for example, wood, marble or granite. Thus, the tile has a large number of positive characteristics.

REFERENCE! Also, do not forget that the base layer of the coating carries a mixture of the smallest particles of sand along with vinyl. This is what gives not only strength, but also stability, weight, and other important and useful features.

Layered Quartz Vinyl Panels

The design itself represents several defined layers, each of which provides a particular quality. Let's consider in more detail:

  1. The base is vinyl itself. It is thanks to him that a bond is made between the surface itself and the original floor.
  2. The next row is fiberglass, which consists of several plates. They are absolutely safe and do not have negative substances in them.
  3. Quartz - vinyl is not equipped with extraneous impurities, it uses exclusively river sand.
  4. Next is a layer that acts as a decoration. With its help, the design takes on a unique appearance. Namely, an imitation of natural surfaces occurs.
  5. And the final product is polyurethane. It forms an invisible coating on the surface of the entire invention. At its expense, the tile acquires maximum resistance to external factors, and also increases resistance.

Thus, each of the stages interlocks with each other, which forms a high quality tile in a thickness of 1.6 to 4 millimeters.

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