The most harmful home appliances that we had no idea

Exposing a particular device to operation, users do not notice how much harm the device carries with it. However, without them, humanity would not be able to fully live: the way it is now. In this article, we will consider the most common equipment options, as well as find out what danger they can be with them.

TOP 5 most unhealthy appliances in the house

Below are those facilities that account for the maximum demand among consumers.


Of course, without the named unit it is difficult to imagine a comfortable life. Modern production is distinguished by the fact that the refrigerator is equipped with the most powerful compressor than previous representatives. And because of its size, harmful radiation directly increases.

IMPORTANT! It is especially worth paying attention to the freezer, since it is in this area that exceeds safety standards.

However, it is important to understand that the same unit is located on the back. Therefore, it is recommended to install the structure as close as possible to the wall, then the effect will be negligible.

Air conditioning

As for the given unit itself, it is practically the same radiation scheme as in the previous version. Accordingly, in order to avoid the negative effect, it is advisable to stay at a distance of more than one and a half meters. In addition, if the cleaning is not reproduced in a timely manner, users may be infected. This is because a sufficient amount of microorganisms, dust and other small particles appear on the mechanism during operation.


Of course, due to modern technologies, today it is difficult to find such a TV so that a lot of harm would come from it. By and large, manufacturers over time eliminated all the main shortcomings. The last thing left is eye strain.

With prolonged viewing of television programs, a strain of the eye muscles is formed. It is due to the constant focusing of vision. Thus, it is worth noting that use is safe in one case - adhering to the norm.

REFERENCE! Do not give preference to kinescope models because of the inherent special kind of harmfulness.

As for the modern representatives - liquid crystal or plasma panels, this is the smallest dose. However, it is still worth keeping a normalized distance from the unit - an interval of 40 to 60 centimeters.

A vacuum cleaner

Due to the electric motor, significant emission of radiation occurs. Because of this, production supplies the device with a sufficiently long hose so as not to be near during cleaning. Therefore, electromagnetic waves do not overtake a person.

IMPORTANT! Do not forget about the spread of small particles during the absorption of dirt. Some of them do not fall into the built-in bag, but again go outside. That is, they, remaining in the air, can get directly to you when breathing.


Equipment is capable of spreading a characteristic negative effect solely in carrying out its activities. Thus, during operation, the presented device forms an intense field. It is undesirable for a person to be in it. Accordingly, it is recommended to remove about one meter from the structure. When the condition is met, no impact will be exerted on the user.

Do these devices have a less harmful alternative?

It can hardly be argued that without such inventions one can survive in the modern world, even if they find a replacement. But as for finding prototypes of devices, it’s only the use of a fire instead of a stove, a cellar for the place of the refrigerator, and so on. It is only important to adhere to the recommendations and to the permissible distance between the user and the structure.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to trusted manufacturers, to products of exclusively well-known brands. And to avoid not only a long stay with the working structure, but also close contact with the equipment. Thus, you can once again protect yourself.

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