Laminate decking

Laminate is one of the most common flooring materials. This option can be put in the middle of expensive wood and budget linoleum. Moreover, its quality is also at this stage. We suggest you consider the best way to install the laminate.

What is deck laminate

There are many types of laying this material. The most common is deck. There are two reasons for this:

  • simplest;
  • the most economical.

During different types of laying, you have to cut off the excess material. When decked, waste is the smallest part. Also, this method is the easiest, because it does not require time-consuming measurements and adjustments. What is he like?Looks deck laying as follows.

Deck laying of the laminate occurs so that the material is laid out along the wall so that each board of the next row lies exactly at the level of half the board of the previous one. This method has long established itself as the simplest and most economical, so you can definitely trust it. In addition, he makes up a simple but beautiful picture on the floor.

What type of mount is suitable for

There are two types of mounts. The method and type of installation depends on this indicator. Each type of fastening implies the presence of a groove on one element and a tenon on the other. Only their appearance and method of connection are different.

  • Cry. Pretty simple way to connect. Named because of the characteristic sound during the connection. To mount, you only need components and your own hands. The installation is as follows: install the first board, then bring the next one at an angle of 45 degrees, insert it into the groove and snap it into place. If necessary, you can tap on the board with the back of your hand.

  • Lok. The next method is somewhat more complicated than the previous one. It also assumes a groove and tenon. Only they are slightly different. If in the first version the groove is adjusted so that the spike enters it simply, then there is a tight connection. Therefore, for laying, an additional rubber mallet is required. Poccurs as follows: the boards are laid in series, then you need to accurately adjust their position, then insert the spike into the groove and hit the board with a mallet so that the spike fits snugly into the groove.

Both types of locks are suitable for deck views. But locks like locks fit better. It will be easier to stack them in the deck method, because in boards with this type of locks, longitudinal locks are first connected, then longitudinal ones.

How to make do-it-yourself deck laying of a laminate

For easy and proper operation, break it into several parts. So, we offer a phased work plan.

  • Preparatory stage. First you need to prepare the work surface: level the floor in the chosen way and remove all the debris with a construction vacuum cleaner.

Important! The floor must be perfectly flat.

  • Make a substrate. There are 4 types of substrates: bitumen-cork, foamed polyethylene, foamed polystyrene, polyurethane foil.
  • Make styling. It is better to collect boards with a lock of the lock type in separate rows, and then collect the rows together.

Important! To collect separately rows, it is necessary to pre-calculate the position of the boards relative to each other.

Typically, a deck view involves laying each subsequent board at 50% of the previous one. However, it is desirable that the distance between the seams of the parallel boards is not more than 40 cm.

Watch the video: Updating Your Deck with New Composite Decking Boards (November 2019).


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