How to amplify a microphone

Of course, each device cannot ideally suit the needs of its user. Thus, sometimes you have to adjust the design parameters yourself. Therefore, in this article we will try to analyze in detail the main methods that can be used if the product’s sonicity index is not satisfied. With the help of them, you can precisely change the value, thereby not harming the functionality of the equipment.

Increase microphone volume through system settings

The presented method is as simple and affordable as possible for each owner of a personal computer. Access itself can be obtained thanks to several frauds:

  • The first is the use of the desktop. To do this, click once on the icon where the speaker is displayed. This is done using the right button on the mouse. After which a small window will be available in which it is necessary to select the item that has the name “recording devices”.

  • The next option involves contacting the “control panel”. There, you will need to go to the section called “equipment and sound”. It should be noted by a click, after which the section will be displayed. In it you need to find the line “sound”, and then open it by pressing the “recording tab”.

Thus, you can activate the tab, with which you can change the sound settings. However, this is not all; you need to designate your own microphone by using the mouse, and then click on the "properties" button. The success of the manipulation will be indicated by the window that appears, on which you should directly go to the new section under the name “levels”. And already there will be given the opportunity to change the parameters, there will be only two of them, but both of them relate, respectively, to your microphone.

REFERENCE. The first of them acts as a volume that is transmitted when interacting with any application that requires the reproduction of your voice. As for the second, this is just the gain.

Depending on your own preference, you can change the value in any direction: louder or quieter. This indicator can set the value not only from +10 dB, but also at +20 and even at +30 dB. If you stick to the statistics, then most often the best option is to add a maximum of +20 units. The indicator, which is responsible for a large degree, is most often used for really poor microphone performance, when the sound is very quiet.

ATTENTION! This may cause various noise or distortion of the actual sound. This is because a large number of amplifiers are used. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to neglect this possibility only in extreme cases.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the process. In conclusion, you just need to close all previously opened windows by pressing the "OK" button, thereby, you can commit all the changed data. And then the user can safely proceed to check the updated installation.

Increase the microphone volume through the sound card driver

Of course, the above variation of the achievement of the result is not the only one. In this method, you must adhere to the following list of steps, and in the indicated sequence:

  • First you need to open the Windows control panel, your operating system. With this, you can easily go to the section with the name "equipment and sound".

  • Next, you need to find out the name of your sound card in order to find it in the list and note the click of a button.

ATTENTION. In addition, you have the opportunity to go to access directly through the system taskbar. To do this, just find the specific icon in the line. Most often it can be found in a blue tint.

  • After that, the section with the microphone settings will be available to you. There, as in the previous case, you can adjust the volume directly as well as the gain of this parameter to your desires. You only need to move the special icon in the right direction.

IMPORTANT. It should be understood that those settings that allow you to change using a sound card are certainly duplicated with those that are in the device’s system.

In conclusion, it is also advisable to double-check the changes and make sure that the device is working properly. To do this, you can enable an application such as skype. In the settings section, you can not only select, but also use a specific microphone for communication (if several of them are connected). And then set, respectively, the volume for the signal. In addition, you can use the automatic settings that the computer itself configures. Consequently, a line will be available next to it, next to which you need to put a tick for this. Such manipulations can be carried out not only with skype. However, it should be understood that the setting not always presented can contribute to qualitative changes. So it’s easiest to configure once in the operating system itself.

Watch the video: How to amplify the output of a microphone (November 2019).


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