The largest television in the world

We are all used to being able to watch quality movies at home. And not everyone is happy with a computer or laptop monitor. We buy displays in 70 inches, TVs with 3d function. But this may not be enough. And for the most avid fans, Samsung has released the largest TV. What is this miracle?

What makes the biggest TV in the world

75? 100? 150 inches? Do not guess. The largest television currently presented is 219 inches. What are its advantages?

  • Of course, the first advantage is an impressive size: the height of the display reaches almost 3 meters.
  • The second advantage is the highest quality image.

This display is built on a micro LED system. Its essence is that the canvas consists of individual chips, each of which is highlighted independently. This allows you to transfer a picture of very high quality. The system supports 6K resolution.

Also, the advantage of such a system is that these chips do not fade over time, so the innovation will last a very long time. This is probably one of the qualities that justifies the expected high price.

This giant has not yet entered mass sales, and its price has not yet been announced.

This display is built on a modular basis. Thus, it can be disassembled and assembled in any configuration. Depending on the size and shape of the wall, you can make it oblong, elongated up, or regular rectangular. Also, a modular system simplifies the transportation of this giant.

Why do you need such a big TV

In general, this is not a TV in the traditional sense, but a display with a lot of features, including the TV viewing function.

This giant is intended for both individuals and commercial organizations.

Can you afford such happiness? Get and please yourself and friends with a huge screen and high-quality image. With it, you can turn the wall into a huge interactive canvas.

But mainly this display is designed for large companies.

Watch the video: The largest television in the world: Vu 100 TV (November 2019).


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