How to connect PS4 to the monitor via HTML

The owners of the PlayStation 4 sometimes have a question - is it possible to connect the game console to the computer screen and what is needed for this. Or can you play the console only when you connect it to the TV? Of course, playing is much more convenient on a large-diameter TV. Moreover, the choice of models is very wide.

Can I connect a PS4 to a computer monitor

Some users connect the console to the computer display. This is done in order to save money, because you don’t need to buy a TV if the one that already exists does not have an HDMI output. Connecting to a monitor is a bit more difficult than connecting to a TV.

Some console owners believe that if you connect the PS 4 to the system unit, an image will immediately appear on the monitor. However, this is not at all true. Despite the fact that the system unit has HDMI connectors, they are output. That is, they are configured to transmit the image, and not to receive it.

Almost all monitors have DVI ports. If there is one, then it is possible to connect using the DVI-HDMI adapter.

ATTENTION! It is worth adding that there are several options for adapters: DVI-I, A or D. Therefore, before buying, you need to see which connector is located on the monitor, otherwise the purchase will have to be returned. Also, do not forget that this input does not provide sound transmission.

Absolutely all models have a VGA connector. Therefore, you can purchase such an adapter.

ATTENTION! As practice shows, this option is not working.

The situation can be saved by purchasing a VGA-HDMI converter, which has additional power. Using it, the image signal is converted. However, very often a situation arises that you have to reduce the image resolution. You need to do this in the settings of the game console.

How to connectPS4 to the monitor byHDMI

Some modern monitor models have an HDMI input. This allows you to easily connect the game console and use additional tools. You only need to connect one end of the HDMI cable to the PS 4 prefix, and the other to the input on the monitor. The necessary video and audio settings should be performed automatically.

To connect the game console to the monitor, you can use the gamepad, manufactured by Microsoft. This is harmonious - to combine the convenience that the gamepad provides, while playing all the games distributed on the PC platform, because nevertheless their number is incommensurably greater than the console ones.

Due to the fact that modern technologies do not stand still, it is not a big problem to purchase a convenient and suitable gamepad in all respects. Not only Microsoft, but many other companies are engaged in their production. They are relatively inexpensive, you can find a good option worth about 700 rubles.

The gamepad connects to the computer using a USB cable. However, you cannot use all the functions of the device. Only its main functions will be available. To ensure full operation, you will need to install a special program, as well as all the necessary drivers.

Judging by the reviews, connecting the console to the monitor is quite time-consuming. Therefore, it is worth using it only when absolutely necessary.

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