How to connect Sega to the TV

The development of computer technology has affected not only the technical parameters of hardware, but software has undergone significant changes. If you compare with what was on the SEGA, Dandy game consoles at the end of the last and the beginning of this century, now completely different pictures have appeared on the screens. The evolution of software has radically changed the external and internal world of computer games - the graphics have improved, the functionality has increased, and productivity has increased. But real gamers know how it all began, and those clumsy, at first glance, modern-day toys users evoke more emotions than the most advanced gaming software.

Connecting Sega to a modern TV

Sometimes, looking at the same type of modern computer games, there is an irresistible desire to get the SEGA console and try something new, or rather, remember the old one. Only if you try to connect to a modern TV, then be prepared for disappointment - plasma, LCD, LEDs are not designed for old Segi, Dandy and Play Station.

Now all television equipment works with a digital signal, and the main working connectors have an appropriate form and purpose. At the same time, on old consoles, such as SEGA Mega Drive 2, there is no digital connection type. They provide wires and connectors for analog connection only. Therefore, in order to remember the past and plunge into the worlds of Super Mario, Mortal Combat and other classic games, you need to act on proven methods.

Connect Using an AV Cable

There are analog connectors on all modern TVs, you just need to know where to look and how to connect. Also included in the SEGA Mega Drive 2 set-top box is a wire called “tulips,” with which you connect. There are several options:

  1. AV input. There are no problems. Usually this type of connection is located on the side of the TV, but can be located on the back and is indicated by INPUT. In any case, it can be recognized by 3 characteristic connectors - yellow, red, white, as in Figure 1. You need to connect based on the color and purpose of the connectors - yellow contacts are used to transmit a video signal, and white for audio in mono mode. It is possible to turn on stereo sound, but for this you will need another plug, which is inserted into the red socket and is responsible for the right channel of the stereo, in which case the white contact group acts as the left channel.
  2. Component TV input. Many TVs come with home theater connectors called AV IN / CPONENT IN. There are usually 5 of them, as in Figure 2, but in some cases a larger number is provided depending on the modification of the TV. Do not understand the nuances of each component. To connect Sega, it is enough to find the video input, designated as "Y" - a yellow plug is inserted into it, and the audio input L is under the white plug.
  3. SCART input. This convenient contact group combines all the video and audio inputs and outputs in one connector, but for such a connection you need an adapter, as in Figure 3. It connects to SEGA according to the same principle as in the case of the AV input. The adapter is simply inserted into the SCART connector, which is usually located on the back of the TV;

IMPORTANT. Remember that each teletechnic manufacturer uses different video input switching algorithms on its products. Therefore, to determine which input Sega will work, you need to follow the instructions for the TV or the selection method.

Antenna cable connection

Do not despair if the AV wire is broken or lost. In this case, the set-top box can be connected to the TV using an antenna cable. To do this, you need a modulator plug in the AV output located on the SEGA. Then connect the modulator to the TV using the antenna cable, as in diagram 1.

After all the wires are connected in places, you need to turn on the set-top box and start the auto search on the TV to find the channel that broadcasts from SEGA. After completing the settings, proceed to the game.

We connect Sega to the computer monitor

To enjoy the good old games, it is not necessary to connect the console to the TV, you can use a monitor for these purposes. To bring this idea to life, you will need a video adapter or TV tuner. You can use the built-in device integrated into the computer, but preferably portable, transmitting the signal through the HDMI jack.

To start new equipment, you need to install drivers and configure new computer software. For the convenience of operating the set-top box via a TV tuner, it is recommended to install a special AverTV program. After completing all the settings, connect the SEGA tuner or adapter according to the same principle that was described in the “Connecting Using an AV Cable” subsection, and start your favorite games.

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