How to choose a smart TV

In the modern market, more and more diverse models of smart TVs have appeared. They have similar functionality, but many differences. You need to pay attention to them in the process of choosing a device.

How to choose a smart TV

There are some important characteristics that you need to pay attention to when buying a device. Among them:

  1. How the device looks externally.
  2. Dimensions (weight, length, width).
  3. The technology by which the screen works (the TV can be plasma, LED and LCD).
  4. Viewing angle.
  5. Screen refresh rate.
  6. The presence of a USB connector.
  7. The ability to access the LAN. This is necessary to go online without using a Wi-Fi modem.

Benefits of Smart TVs

Devices have some advantages that allow them to become competitors for similar devices. Among them:

  1. In the process of creating a technique, a WLAN module is mounted in it. It allows you to quickly connect the TV to your home web network. The module settings are most often the same for all manufacturers. If it is absent, they are connected to the network via USB ports.
  2. Modern devices already have all the most necessary applications (social networks or hosting for watching videos). Thanks to this, a person can immediately view the necessary materials directly through the TV.
  3. There is an opportunity to find out how the current weather, and in the near future.
  4. The ability to view TV shows and news in real time.
  5. Smart TVs can completely replace other smart devices (tablets and computers). They have web browsers. They work in the following mode: a virtual keyboard and a line for searching appear on the screen. You can dial the desired address using the mouse or remote control. The link will automatically transfer to the desired address.

But such devices have some disadvantages:

  1. Information may not be displayed properly. Very often the font is located in an uncomfortable place or its size is too small.
  2. Together with the device, a remote control is sold that is not designed to search for information on the Internet (it is inconvenient for typing). You can replace it with a computer mouse, or a special remote control that supports this function.
  3. In some cases, it would be more appropriate to buy a laptop or tablet. You can take them with you on trips, and the price for them can be cheaper than for smart TVs (it depends on the manufacturer).

Work platform

When choosing a smart TV, you need to know in advance on which platform it works. There are several standard platforms (Apple iOS and Android.) But also manufacturers can make their own development, among which:

  1. Tizen at Samsung.
  2. Web OS at LG.

Applications will run on a specific platform. In Russia, the most common are LG Smart and Smart Hub (Samsung). These platforms have extensive capabilities regarding information and education.

Useful apps and services

Providers will provide a set of features and services to use. Therefore, smart TVs for television in functionality are not inferior to tablets. They have a lot of features, applications and services that will make life easier. You can regularly check exchange rates and view the weather.

The content of applications on smart devices may vary slightly. But at the moment, special standards are being developed that will make the functionality of all devices similar.

Smart TV also has a range of paid features. For example, LG is equipped with cloud storage, where you can store downloaded information (it will be located on the service). Access to such storage facilities is available for a fee. But Samsung has a built-in paid function that allows you to recognize the face of the owner.

In order for the opinion about the new device not to be spoiled, it is necessary to establish a quality connection in advance. In most cases, modern apartments already have routers that distribute the Internet. Thanks to this, you do not have to buy additional devices, cables and pay for the connection. But if the house is not connected, you must purchase the following:

  1. Wires.
  2. Swage.
  3. Connector

It is necessary to select a cable in advance. They may vary in functionality and performance, and not all cables work in all places.

Note! Modern features will make it possible to make a smart device from any TV, even what is already in the house. It can be turned into a smart device by buying a special console.

There are two most common prefix options:

  1. ChromeCas
  2. Apple TV

They are able to expand the capabilities of devices and connect them in accordance with all the rules.

Diagonal and screen resolution

You need to decide on the size of the TV in advance. We will orient ourselves according to the distance from the place where the device will be located, and the place from where the person will look. Choosing the size of the TV, you must consider the following parameters:

  1. It is recommended that the distance between the person and the TV be at least 5 meters.
  2. If the device is located only two to three meters from a person, do not select too large screens. Standard sizes for this distance are about 40 inches.

Also, the choice of extension depends on what exactly will look on TV. Recently, preference is given to 4K TVs. But FULL HD devices are still very much in demand on the market. And they will be appropriate over the next several decades, since almost all modern content for the TV is removed specifically for this extension. The frequency of updating content from the network is also important. To avoid image interruption, it is recommended that devices with a frequency of at least 120 Hz be preferred.

Note! In the process of choosing a device, you also need to pay attention to high-quality sound. Modern smart TVs are very thin. And the lower the fineness, the worse the quality of the speakers. That is why it may be necessary to purchase an additional acoustics system.

What model of smart TV to buy

Most new models have all the functions a person needs. Market leaders are the following brands:

But each brand has one or more special distinguishing features. For example:

  1. Thanks to Samsung technology, you can control your TV using voice or gestures.
  2. LG has additional technical developments. For example, a second remote control. This will significantly speed up the operation of devices.
  3. Toshiba TVs are very easy to control. The instruction is written very high quality and understandable.
  4. Sony has created a clear, simple and high-quality menu for its devices.
  5. Philips models come with extra intrusion and burglary protection. And another advantage is its great sensitivity. The team will work even with a slight touch.

To make a choice, you need to compare the most popular models of the above brands. But there are also some tips that will help determine the choice of a TV:

  1. First of all, you need to choose the right diagonal.
  2. The next step is to verify the functionality of the device. You need to check its audio capabilities by testing the sound quality at low and high frequencies. It is important that the sound is smooth, understandable, and that no wheezing and hissing appear.
  3. Next, you need to determine the image quality. To do this, the settings are reset to the factory.
  4. The last step is to check the broadcast of one of the analog channels (their quality is slightly worse than digital ones). But if the products are of high quality, the analog channel will still be well broadcast.

When choosing a smart TV, you need to pay attention to size, applications, the platform on which they work, price and other characteristics.

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