DIY rotary cake table

A rotating table for the manufacture of confectionery products should always be at hand not only with professional bakers, but also with all those who like to cook for themselves and their loved ones. The spinning surface allows you to greatly simplify the process of decorating cakes. You no longer have to go around the baking, because it will freely rotate around the axis.

What materials and tools will be required to create a table

A turntable can be bought at the store, but it is much more convenient to make this product yourself. In the process of self-assembly, it becomes possible to make an individual drawing, as well as select the right materials. In addition, the price of such a product will be much cheaper than purchased. The subject can be made using improvised materials and tools:

  • Wood base;
  • Bearings (2 pcs.);
  • Liquid nails or screws;
  • Plastic or iron tube;
  • Circle made of metal;
  • Thin sheet of plastic.

As a wooden blank you can use any materials. To save money, you can also use the door from the old cabinet. Each of them has certain advantages. For example, a tree is more environmentally friendly and safe, and it is very easy to work with MDF. Particleboard is an attractive material in terms of price.

Assembly phasing

How to make a turntable for a cake? The assembly process of the rotating stand is not particularly difficult, but requires some physical effort. First you need to prepare the necessary materials and make a drawing. Follow a certain sequence of actions:

  1. Do-it-yourself rotating turntable for the cake. From the procurement of chipboard or other material, it is necessary to cut two circles. Parameters can be selected at will. In this example, it is 20 cm.
  2. In one of the circles in the center, we make a recess in which the bearing will be installed. It is this detail that will give the rotation of the whole structure.
  3. Using liquid nails or screws, we attach the second element, which does not have a recess, to the first. Due to the second round, the device will hold firmly to the surface.
  4. Next, we insert a tube into the bearing, which will connect the lower and upper base. The length of the tube can vary from 15 to 18 cm. This is the most preferred size, not short or long.
  5. A support for a confectionery product is best made from a metal circle with a diameter of 30-40 cm. It is attached to the top of the tube using a welding machine.
  6. Plywood or chipboard is placed on a metal surface using self-tapping screws.

ATTENTION!In most cases, not all people have the opportunity to make a full welding. In this case, cold welding comes to the rescue, resembling plasticine in texture.

The nuances of performing a rotating table for a cake

In order for the assembly process to go without hassles, you need to know some nuances. For example, it is better to take a double compressed bearing. Otherwise, two bearings are required, and one of them must fit into the other. One element in another can be driven with nails. It must also be ensured that the plastic tube enters the bearing as accurately as possible. It is important that there is a firm hold and that it does not hang. Otherwise, using such a device will be very difficult.

IMPORTANT!The resulting product can be given an attractive appearance. It must be glued with a film or plastic base. It will also extend the life of the device and make it easier to care for.

A swivel swivel table provides convenient access to the confectionery from all sides at the same time. You can make such a stand with your own hands, especially since there are materials for its manufacture in every home.

Watch the video: How to make a cake stand from a spinner? (November 2019).


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