How to choose curtains in the bedroom

Curtains in the bedroom play an important aesthetic role, this is one of the main and important accessories of such a room. With their help, you can visually expand the room. Their choice must be approached carefully.

Selection of curtains in the bedroom

To make the right choice of curtains in the bedroom, you need to follow a few simple tips. It should be remembered that this accessory accentuates the interior of the room, so they must, first of all, be in harmony with the decor of the room. The design of the curtains should allow convenient removal, in order to wash or for minor repairs.

If the curtains will carry not only the dimming function, but will be one of the decor elements, then in this case you should not pay attention to the density of the fabric. You can choose those that are most suitable for the design of the room.


It should be borne in mind that an important aspect when choosing curtains is to choose the type of fabric. For a sunny window, it is more appropriate to use linen or silk curtains. They are most resistant to sunlight and will remain in their original form for a longer time.

If you want to make the bedroom a darkened room, you should buy curtains of their dense fabrics in order to more reliably protect yourself from the light from the window. When buying fabric, you need to pay attention to the fact that it does not cough up, and to its fire resistance, so that it does not catch fire.

It is necessary to take into account the thickness of the future curtain, because the amount of light penetrating into the room depends on this. A significant role is played by the side facing the bedroom windows.

Keep in mind! For small rooms voluminous curtains are not suitable. It is better to use blinds for them, while bulky ones with lambrequins and brushes are suitable for large rooms.

When choosing fabrics for curtains should take into account their properties:

  1. Velor is both soft and dense matter. It reliably prevents the penetration of sunlight. It is also called the royal mantle, because the production technology is very complex and was previously available only to wealthy people.
  2. Tapestry - has drawings in the form of plants, landscapes, scenes from hunting and other plots. From this fabric curtains are heavy and are suitable only for large rooms.
  3. Silk is a very delicate fabric, but has a high resistance to wear. Curtains from it can be used if the design of the bedroom is made in the style of a classic or in an oriental style. Sometimes lining is added under silk fabrics to protect them from the sun.
  4. Linen or cotton - suitable for private homes. They are draped perfectly and pleasant to the touch. They are easy to iron, but keep in mind that during the washing process this material will certainly shrink, and the size of the curtains will decrease.
  5. Taffeta - often used for the manufacture of lambrequins or Roman curtains. She has an increased density, and also she is slightly shiny. It has a sophisticated look and is used for very rich interiors.
  6. Atlas - distinguishes the smoothness of the surface, which shimmers when light hits it. It is a refined and elegant fabric. It is recommended to choose curtains with a combination of different fabrics (velvet, satin, with the addition of braid as decorations). The interior at the same time turns into an aristocratic one.
  7. Organza - has a pretty elegant look. It is used without lining materials. Sometimes decorative elements are sewn onto them.
  8. Velvet - drapes beautifully and shimmers with different shades in the light. They must be cleaned very carefully so as not to disturb the appearance of the fabric.
  9. Jacquard is a natural fabric, sometimes artificial fibers are added to it. They are easy to wash, they almost do not crease during this process. The main problem with such a fabric is that puffs easily commit to it. Therefore, they are not used for entrance doors.

Color and pattern

When choosing, it is important to use color palettes to choose the right shade and follow a style that combines with the overall design of this personal space. If you just need to replace the existing curtains, then in this case it will be clearer what colors to use.

Important! You need to look at the room, at the walls, at the fabric of the pillows, in order to see which color range prevails, so that it is easier to choose the tone of the curtains. If in doubt, it is better to buy neutral colors, this will be the best solution.

Light fabrics seem to expand the space of the room. Warm shades will warm, while cold shades refresh the design. A vertical pattern visually raises the ceiling, if placed horizontally, this will help expand the walls.


To choose the best option for curtains on the windows for the bedroom, you need to carefully consider what their size should be. Before going to the store, you should make accurate measurements of the height and width of the window, and then decide how large the curtain should be. It depends on what will be placed in the bedroom, and it is also necessary to justify your preferences.

It is necessary to measure both the height and the length of the window that you plan to close. In a low room with a small area it is necessary that they reach almost the floor, this will make it seem a little wider.

As stated, the curtains should be in harmony with the design of the bedroom, but this does not mean that they should match the color with bedding or furniture upholstery. This will visually make the room much smaller.

Choice of curtains with different designs

No need to make a mistake when buying curtains for all rooms in the house the same. After all, each space is unique, and you need to choose taking into account that they are useful for each room and adapted to the requirements of each.

For example, for the kitchen you need to choose with a different approach. In that room, a large amount of light will be needed for work, and it is also necessary to provide that the fabric is easily washed and does not deteriorate. For the bedroom, the access of light is not so relevant, so you can choose fabrics that have a beautiful look, and not for durability and the possibility of frequent washing.

One of the fashionable trends is to hang curtains very long so that some of them lie on the floor (5-15 cm in length). In the bedroom, this method does not interfere, since there will not have to spend a lot of active time.

Useful! Combined models are stylish and extravagant. They are used for classic interiors and for bedrooms in a modern design. You can create the illusion of double curtains by trimming the edges with another fabric.

For a minimalist style, transparent lightweight curtains with grabs are suitable. In this case, you can also use Roman curtains, and be sure to choose a plain fabric without patterns or patterns.

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