Japanese-style bedroom

The Japanese, as a wise people, claim that everything material is perishable. This is reflected in everything, including in the environment of their environment. Therefore, the bedroom in the Japanese style involves a combination of sophistication and minimalism. For the situation, only natural materials are used. This is partly why this style of room design has become popular in our country as well as in Europe.

Japanese style for the bedroom

Japanese style is a mixture of ethnicity and minimalism. The clarity of lines and conciseness of the situation, restraint and simplicity. This is the style that is so necessary for small apartments. Japan is a densely populated country. Most residents live in small apartments where every centimeter benefits. Therefore, a similar style is so widespread.

The inhabitants of our country are attracted by the exotic in the design of the premises. Designers note that first of all, the bedroom should be a place where you can relax and comfortably relax from everyday worries and work.

A room decorated in the style of distant Japan, without distracting details and furniture, will allow you to concentrate on relaxation and enjoy a pleasant pastime. Minimalist style will allow you to get calm and peace.

Important! It should be understood that the Japanese style is a whole philosophy. Going into the bedroom, furnished in accordance with the Asian views on life and relaxation, you need to completely discard all worries and anxieties. Only in this way will relaxation be complete.

The main characteristics inherent in the style

Japanese motifs have long excited the minds of interior designers around the world. They were inspired by the Asian experience and issued original ideas for the decor. This style has always been characterized by lightness, naturalness, the illusion of spaciousness and fusion with nature.

The main characteristics of the concept are:

  • minimalism (physical and mental harmony are the main goal that should be achieved by such an interior, a minimum of furniture, the absence of decorative things not endowed with functionality, such an environment will allow you to relax and forget about pressing matters);
  • naturalness (using exclusively environmentally friendly natural materials allows you to achieve maximum proximity to the natural world, this also applies to shades, no bright details);
  • functionality (properly equipped space is achieved through numerous simple shelves, hidden sliding doors, plain cabinets and other furniture).

Important! The basic principle of the Japanese style is the use of only natural materials in everything. Textiles, furniture, decorative elements, everything is made from natural components.

What items includes such a design

The main condition for maintaining a harmonious image of the interior is minimalism. In the bedroom you should buy only the most necessary furniture. The main focus will be the bed. It can be equipped on thick mattresses, following the style or build a podium with steps, which also fit mattresses.

It is allowed to purchase a pair of bedside tables with a simple design and a simple tea table. It is better to choose low models, in accordance with the Japanese style of sitting in front of him relies on special pillows.

It is better to replace the cabinet with a wall niche with sliding doors or a sliding wardrobe, also stylized in accordance with the concept. This is a convenient and harmonious arrangement of the pantry for things, which perfectly fits into the design of the room.

Important! Do not forget about the front door to the room. It should also be designed in a general style.

Mandatory Japanese style attributes

It should be remembered that even with stylized accessories that can perfectly emphasize the general concept of the interior, you can easily overload the room. They must be used carefully, observing the measure.

As bright stylistic accents, you can use:

  • large fans on the walls;
  • swords and daggers;
  • hieroglyph print bedspreads;
  • dolls in traditional Japanese dresses;
  • panels with national compositions and more.

Of particular importance in the room are plants made in the form of a bonsai. In a large floor vase, you can arrange an ikebana, which also harmoniously emphasizes the style of the room. It is proposed to hang reproductions and paintings with Japanese motifs on the walls.

Design Tips for Colors and Materials

To give the bedroom a truly Japanese style, you should abandon the bright colors and eye-catching accents. The room should have a lot of light and only pastel shades should prevail.

The most successful designers consider:

  • cream;
  • beige;
  • white;
  • light gray.

Important! To complement and slightly dilute the interior will help elements with black colors.

You can add some bright details, contrary to the style, however, this must be done with extreme caution. Upon completion, there should remain a sense of harmony, which will always accompany the owner of the apartment, who decided to relax.

Finishing materials are extremely important naturalness. Wallpaper on the basis of bamboo, panels made of natural wood, sconces using shades of rice paper, as well as natural textiles and paints will help to decorate the premises in Asian traditions of proximity to nature.

Having achieved harmony in the interior, a person will be able to get a room where he wants to return regularly. Here you can relax, rest, recharge with new ideas and plans and live in harmony with yourself and nature.

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