Weapon safe dimensions

According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, everyone who has firearms in his arsenal must have a special safe for safe storage. This is necessary in order to prevent access to dangerous objects for everyone. Compulsory storage in a safe includes:

  • smoothbore weapons;
  • traumatic;
  • gas.

Ammunition must also be kept under lock and key.

IMPORTANT! Ammunition storage must be strictly separate from the weapon itself! To do this, use an additional safe or compartment.

Types of weapon safes

Due to the large number of various weapons in the hands of the population (from gas to collection), there was a high demand for safes for storing them. ABOUTThey differ in size, shape, spatial orientation and degree of protection.

Some safes are supplemented by fire resistance, which allows them to easily withstand explosions of ammunition inside them. It is because of the frequent cases of spontaneous explosion of cartridges, they are stored separately from weapons. Some safe models can protect ammunition from explosion in cases of high temperatures around the safe.

Weapon safe dimensions

The dimensions of the storage for firearms and gas weapons are quite significant. The size of a weapon safe depends on which instance it is planned to store there. If there are several trunks, you should worry about this in advance, and purchase a safe that can accommodate all of them at the same time as short-barrel and smooth-bore specimens. In addition, it is worth taking into account the method of installing the safe. Will it be mounted on the wall or stand in a separate cabinet.

IMPORTANT! Almost all safes open exclusively to the right. This must be taken into account when installing and planning the interior of the room.

Long-barreled hunting rifles require special attention. Unlike double-barreled shotguns and carbines, for which almost all weapons cabinets are suitable, a hunting rifle requires special measurement. On average, its barrel length reaches 760 mm, however, making sure this still does not hurt. Experienced hunters recommend for beginners to purchase a flat and high arms cabinet. It is suitable for almost any type of gun, and the dimensions are 1500 * 360 * 90 mm, respectively. Such a cabinet does not take up much space in the room, is almost invisible and does not differ from ordinary iron cabinets.For pistols and a shotgun, you should choose small, roomy types of cabinets. Such a box will be enough to protect yourself and your loved ones from an accident due to negligent handling of weapons.

Physical characteristics

Despite the fact that the law allows the use of wooden lockers upholstered in iron instead of a special weapons storage, it is best to use special equipment for such purposes. It must be truly burglar resistant to prevent possible unpleasant consequences.

When choosing a cabinet for storing a gun, the following characteristics should be considered:

  1. Wall thickness. Although this indicator is not regulated by law, and can only come from the wishes and needs of the buyer, you should still pay attention to those products that have the maximum thickness of the steel sheet.
  2. Locks. According to the regulations, their minimum number is two. However, in a good safe there may be an unlimited number of them, 2, 3 or more, depending on the goals and the amount of weapons stored in it.
  3. Secrecy of locks. The more complicated the lock, the more difficult it is to open it. This indicator is characterized by the resistance to breaking.
  4. Ammunition compartment. It is desirable that this be a separate section equipped with a lock.
  5. Mount. Since the usual version of the product is a long and tall product, you should think in advance about its installation and the possibility of mounting it to a wall or floor. Large anchor bolts are usually used for this. In addition, there is the option of mounting a weapons cabinet in the wall, which will provide additional protection against both hacking and abduction from the premises.
  6. Dimensions should be consistent with existing firearms. In addition, the number of weapons is also important. The more there are, the more there should be a closet.
  7. Fire resistance. It is important to follow the rules for installing the safe - it cannot be placed near various heating devices. This could cause an explosion of the ammunition stored inside.

Often, weapons are acquired not only as a hobby, but also to protect yourself and your family. However, it is always necessary to ensure the proper storage of weapons in order to avoid a variety of accidents.

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