DIY wardrobe bed

What is a wardrobe bed for? This is a great ergonomic solution for arranging small-sized apartments and compact cottages when you need to save space or use existing furniture for several purposes at once. A wardrobe bed allows you to spend the night with comfort and all amenities on a horizontal surface, laying a mattress on it, and during the day this bed will serve as a wardrobe that does not take up much space. Consider the option of self-assembly of such an interesting and constructive interior solution.

How to determine the size

In order to build the best option for a bed type transformer with a closet function (or vice versa), it is important to determine the dimensions of the structure at the very initial stage. After all, it depends on them how convenient the proportions of both of these furniture options will be.

Advantages of a prefabricated bed:

  • the cost of a new bed is reduced several times, at least 2-3. A prefabricated store option will still be more expensive;
  • design design - universal, absolutely meets the needs of the owners;
  • You can independently choose the highest quality materials and not doubt their reliability.

NOTE! Given the modern fashion for minimalism, freedom of space and a visual increase in space with your own hands, this method of organizing a sleeping place perfectly meets all the fashion trends and requirements of modern dynamic life.

Selection of materials and tools

To make a compact, durable and stylish version of a mobile headset, you should pay attention to the choice of high-quality raw materials and prepare reliable tools. To assemble this mix from two products, the following tools will be required.

The material for the wardrobe-bed can be used in a variety of ways. But taking into account the versatility of the final product, it is worth taking a tree more durable - beech, oak, pear, any array. For reasons of economy, you can take chipboard, pine or linden, but it is difficult to vouch for their strength and durability.

To assemble the product, you must have the following components:

  • frame for cabinet space;
  • podium for the bed;
  • lifting spring mechanism;
  • decorative details for the final stage.

To bring the result to the final, you must first make the appropriate parts from raw materials:

  • 2 side panels for the cabinet;
  • 2 panels for the upper and lower sides of the cabinet;
  • 2 partitions to strengthen the frame;
  • 2 panels for the side of the bed;
  • 2 panels for the bottom and head of the bed;
  • 1 front common panel.

You will also need 2 copies of the lifting mechanism, which is purchased in furniture stores or hardware stores.

REFERENCE! Before buying, you should clarify what effort will be required to raise the bed and fixation at the right level.

The following hardware will also be required:

  • 30 Euroscrews;
  • self-tapping screws of 2 types;
  • furniture corners - 10 pcs .;
  • reinforced corners made of metal;
  • anchor type fasteners;
  • magnetic heck, fixing the bed in the upper position;
  • folding legs for a bed;
  • decorative details to taste.

It will be convenient to work with the following tools:

  • tape measure and level (length not less than 50 cm);
  • measuring corner;
  • pencil;
  • fine sandpaper;
  • adjustable wrench;
  • puncher and drill for wood, screwdriver;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • safety glasses, gloves.

What types exist

What are folding beds? There are no restrictions on typology; products can be structured according to the principle of utilitarianism:

  • Single folding;
  • Double or one and a half folding;
  • Bed-cupboard with sliding doors;
  • Double caterpillar bed (a rather expensive foreign option);
  • Bed-couch - narrowed type and others.

With real functionality and efficiency, the bed significantly saves space, money, and also allows you to use the free space for different purposes:

  • playing sports;
  • expand the nursery and provide kids with space for games;
  • equip home office;
  • seating guests at a party;
  • put to bed relatives who have visited;
  • place a gym.

Criteria for choosing a good folding model:

  • the bed should be combined with standard sizes of mattresses;
  • the depth should equal the depth of the cabinet, and the width - the width of the mattress;
  • the disassembled bed should normally be combined with the decor and interior of the house or apartment, not block other types of furniture and the passage;
  • the model should not have sharp dangerous angles that can cut or damage a person, as well as cracks, empty cavities where small animals or children can hide or accidentally get stuck;
  • the working mechanism or spring should not be located next to the head of a sleeping person;
  • prices for all materials and components should not be too high, humane - because we also assemble such a bed for reasons of economy. If it is possible to significantly invest in the purchase of a good model, then there is no need for self-assembly.

Step-by-step assembly instructions

The assembly procedure is quite simple. The main criterion is accuracy and regular self-checking of the convergence of the corners.

  • Stage 1. We assemble the frame and power parts of the box.

Before this, it is important to align the walls, floors, so that there are no deviations of more than 5 cm. First, the box is assembled from the side panels, then the remaining details are added. The walls are tightened with screws, stiffeners are installed at an equal distance from the top and bottom.

The marking of the side panels will allow the installation of lifting elements. It is important to check the perpendicularity of the structure. The wall begins to be attached to 4 corners, after alignment is fixed finally. The lifting mechanism is attached at the top. The mattress is mounted on the bed bed with strong straps.

  • Stage 2. We collect the base of the bed.

Side panels and headboards are assembled into a single frame with the help of corners and screws. Then the front panel is fixed with screws on the corners for furniture.

  • Stage 3. Install the box and the power mechanism.

Having placed the box on the floor or on the wood blocks, the skirting board is cut off at the place of the future frame fastening. Important: the box is mounted on a strong concrete wall, a soft and fragile wall will not work. The lifting mechanism is driven in and drilled into the wall using reinforced corners and bolts of the anchor type. The box and box are connected by docking of the power mechanism. The most convenient mechanism with a gas spring.

It only remains to fix the mattress stronger and check the functioning of the bed. You can also carry out additional decoration of the bed - draw false doors, different patterns. But you should not mount mirrors here, they will crack from loads.

Assembly recommendations

The process of assembling this model by itself does not require special knowledge, nor does engineering ability. It is important only to follow the instructions, it is also good to have at least a little experience in assembling any furniture fittings. And the result will be brought to the end, delighting the hosts.

  • Before starting the assembly, you should carefully study and clarify for yourself the available drawings.
  • Before assembly, you should also prepare all the tools and drawings so as not to be distracted.
  • All work is important to do on a flat and solid surface in order to avoid distortion of the calculations.
  • You need to have protective equipment with you: gloves, an apron, other personal protective equipment.
  • After each assembly step, it is immediately recommended to check the convergence of the corners and their perpendicularity, for this you can take a square.
  • Lumber and any wooden elements must be of high quality and without damage, defects.

The resulting product will delight everyone who prefers the quality of life to the number of things. Convenience, simplicity, functionality - these are the qualities for which prefabricated combined furniture models are appreciated.

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