How to sew a sheet on an elastic band in a crib

Sleep for a person is an integral part of life. It is at this time that the body is resting and gaining strength. As for an adult, it is important for the baby to sleep in a comfortable environment. The growing child constantly turns over in the crib, knocks with arms and legs, the diaper under the baby moves out and causes discomfort. But there is a way out of any situation. You can create comfort in a crib with your own hands. It is enough to have material and a sewing kit on hand. Consider how to sew a sheet on an elastic band, it is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. But your child will sleep peacefully all night.

Fabric selection

An elastic sheet is an excellent option for a restless baby, there is no need to constantly adjust the bed and iron the bed sheets. Also the diaper on an elastic band is suitable for any type of beds, for example, round or oval nurseries (it is difficult to choose bedding for them).

The first step in sewing a sheet on an elastic band is the selection of fabric. The shops offer a wide range, but for the baby are ideal:

  • Chintz. Chintz is an economical option, which is very important, since a growing child needs to constantly update things.
  • Calico Coarse calico is more expensive material, but it is denser and less wrinkled.
  • Flannel. Flannel is acceptable for the winter period.

For sewing you need a little time and related tools.

REFERENCE. Before starting work, make sure that all the necessary sewing accessories are in the house, in order to avoid running away to the shops and neighbors in the middle of the process.

Sewing Supplies:

  • Safety pins.
  • Scissors and centimeter.
  • Sewing machine.
  • The cloth.
  • Threads.
  • Edging.
  • Elastic.
  • Iron.

REFERENCE. The fabric for sewing is selected based on the preferences of the child and parents. And also depending on the time of year.

What sizes and how to calculate them?

The size of the sheet depends on the performance of the mattress and the crib where the diaper will be laid. The length, width and height are taken into account. Using a centimeter, measure the necessary indicators. We write them down on paper. Using them we create a pattern for the future diaper.

If you have chosen a flannel for a sheet, then it should be borne in mind that the fabric has the property to shrink. Before cutting, stretch the fabric, make calculations based on the shrinkage of the material.

How to sew a sheet on an elastic band in a crib

Before starting work, the selected fabric is washed, dried and ironed.

Sewing stages:

  1. We make a pattern of paper or tracing paper, calculating the size of the mattress. It is important not to forget about 10 cm on each side for allowances.
  2. We cut out the resulting rectangle and cut out a square of 15-19 cm (as you prefer) on the edges on four sides, for this you can pre-prepare a square from cardboard with the appropriate dimensions.
  3. We sew the inner edges of the squares, and we get a kind of envelope.
  4. We cover the edges of the sheet, an option with a fringing tape is also possible, it looks more aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Using a heated iron, we form the hem for the elastic along the entire perimeter of the sheet.
  6. Stitch and wrap the edges of the sheet, leaving four holes for the elastic.
  7. We distribute the prepared elastic along the entire length.

Two ways of attaching an elastic band:

  • An elastic tape is sewn to the curved edges.
  • We make a seam over the entire sheet, insert the elastic band and fix its ends.

REFERENCE. It is best to have a sewing machine at hand, the process of sewing a sheet on an elastic band manually is complicated.

What features should you pay attention to

Of course, in the first place it is worth paying attention to the choice of fabric. Therefore, we carefully study the composition of the tissue: the more natural components, the more valuable the materials, they are more pleasant for baby skin. Quality: fabric density, increases the wear resistance of the material. It is also important how the fabric is dyed, high-quality material does not fade and does not leave marks on the skin.

REFERENCE. Price must be consistent with quality. It is not necessary to buy expensive fabric, only relying on a beautiful color.

An important point - this fabric should be well washed, not wrinkled and easily ironed. The sheet is sewn for a crib, which means that the washing will be constant, as the child will spill juices, turn the plate with porridge.

We choose environmentally friendly fabric for the baby in order to avoid allergic reactions. Try to avoid synthetic materials, as they prevent the baby's skin from breathing.

There is nothing complicated in sewing a sheet on an elastic band with your own hands. The main thing is that before starting work, he will prepare all the necessary tools and buy fabric. Following simple instructions, a mum on maternity leave or a grandmother on retirement can independently create comfort in a crib without spending extra money.

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