DIY tire stool

To create comfort in the house, you do not need to pay money. You can make wonderful things from improvised materials. For example, make a ottoman from old car tires. This does not require much effort and time, but the product will delight for many years. Pouf is useful in the country, in the apartment or in the garage.

Materials and tools necessary to create a ottoman from a tire

  1. Tire - 2 pcs. You can build a base from one tire, but it will be low. If the product is made in the nursery, 1 piece is enough.
  2. Drill - come in handy to drill holes.
  3. Plywood - the thickness should be within 3-5 millimeters. An excellent seat will come out of it. If necessary, it is recommended to make a base for the pouf, and the top is tear-off, then you can fold things inward.
  4. Furniture glue - needed to fix the foam and material.
  5. Furniture stapler - necessary for fixing the material.
  6. Foam rubber - for stuffing the seat.
  7. A piece of fabric - for upholstery. The fabric is better to choose a dense and several colors.

How to make a ottoman from a tire with your own hands? Additional materials:

  • Jigsaw, lightning;
  • Hinges for cover;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Bolts (wire).

Instructions for creating a ottoman from the tire

Plywood is cut to the diameter of the tire. If desired, you can treat the edges with a jigsaw. Polyurethane foam lies down on top and is fixed with glue (when using, PPU will not slip to the edges).

For aesthetics, a cover for the cover is made of fabric. The pattern is simple: measure the height of the resulting seat and diameter. We cut out two circles and a tape from the material (the width will be equal to the height, the length to the diameter). On a typewriter we sew circles with a ribbon, leaving room for a zipper. Put on the seat cover.

TIP: you can simply cover the lid with fabric and secure with a stapler. It is recommended to close the back side of the top of the ottoman with a non-woven fabric.

Tires are fastened together. The holes are made with a drill, you can fasten it with bolts or wire. For beauty, it is advised to sheathe rubber with fabric.

TIP: another way to hide tires is to gently wrap the product with a rope, fixing it with glue. The option is more suitable with one bus. If there are two wheels, you can pre-wrap them with fiberboard or thick cardboard from the boxes.

To make the ottoman out of the tire with your own hands, it is recommended to sheathe the lower platform (chipboard swells from moisture, the fabric serves as protection). If desired, you can fix the legs or rollers. Then the part is attached to the base with bolts or wire. We connect the lid to the base using loops (it will open).

Poof is ready to use. Creative individuals can spend a little more time to make the furniture more beautiful.

How to decorate the finished product

  1. It is necessary to take a bright monophonic fabric of several colors, cut flowers or other shapes from it. Use glue to fix on the ottoman.
  2. Old beads, coins, flat plastic figures are taken and fastened with glue to the product. For reliability, the decor is varnished.
  3. You can sew cute pockets.
  4. Lace is useful, it is sewn on top of the base on a plain material. You can apply paint to the fabric and remove the lace. It is also recommended to apply any form through a stencil.

Watch the video: Car Tyre Stool (November 2019).


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