DIY sofa for children

Today there are many children's furniture in furniture stores and salons. But many prefer to try themselves in the production of furniture for their child on their own. And not always the reason for this is finances. Creating a children's sofa with your own hands is a fascinating creative process.

How to make a sofa for a child with your own hands

The whole process of manufacturing this type of furniture can be divided into several stages:

  • design;
  • procurement of materials;
  • manufacture of frame parts;
  • installation of the frame;
  • upholstery of the frame with furniture fabric.

You can design furniture yourself. But drawings for the manufacture can be found on the Internet. Given that the furniture will be used by the child, it must be safe. She should have:

  • rounded corners;
  • soft surfaces;
  • Decks for protection against falling.

Shape and size may vary. It depends on the age of the child, design. By age, sofas are divided into:

For babies. The difference between such a piece of furniture from others is that it does not have sharp corners. All edges are rounded. Hard surfaces on it are also better not to leave. Everything should be upholstered with soft material. In children's options, the presence of sides for protection against falling at night is mandatory. Their other function is protection against cold air currents.

Furniture for teens. In such decisions, attention should be paid to design moments. A child can be involved in this process. Let him make a choice in favor of color, fabric, pattern. Safety elements are important, but not as much as for the baby.

By design, the following options can be distinguished:

Folding out. Their other name is "folding beds". A simple and common type of design.

Retractable. Such a mechanism is also called roll-out. The drawer may be provided with drawers in which bedding is stored.

Corner sofas. Among the furniture for children, corner sofas come across. They save space and are very spacious.

Important! The sizes of children's sofas are very different. But there are standard sizes: with a mattress length of 186, 190, 195, 200 cm, a width of 60 to 150 cm with an interval of 10 cm.

In creating children's furniture you need to use only natural hypoallergenic materials. Usually used:

  • Plywood for the manufacture of the frame. This is a durable material in the manufacture of which wood is used.
  • Natural wood. For the basics.
  • Furniture foam. They are filled with furniture for softness. Modern furniture foam keeps its shape for a long time.
  • Metal and plastic fittings. Retractable mechanisms, legs, and fasteners will be needed.
  • Furniture fabric for covers.

Attention! The material should not emit extraneous odors, dye, cause allergic reactions. The material should not contain harmful chemical elements.

Now it's time to put together a children's sofa. What is needed for this? To assemble it yourself, you need to do the following:

  1. Design. Ready-made drawings can be taken on the Internet. All necessary sizes will be indicated there. You can create a project yourself. A future project will determine the amount of material needed for manufacturing and how much money will be required.
  2. The acquisition of materials. Now that the project is ready, it's time to buy materials. In addition to the material for the frame, fabric for covers and foam, all the necessary furniture accessories are bought.
  3. Making the frame of the sofa. According to the prepared drawings (it doesn’t matter whether they are from the Internet or their own development), the details are sawn and the frame is made. It must have good strength. Children can not only sleep on the couch, but also jump on it.
  4. All jagged edges and sharp corners are checked. If necessary, stripping is carried out.
  5. Furniture is filled with foam and fitted with furniture fabric. Mounting is done using a stapler.

The assembled sofa can be decorated with various pillows in the form of fairy-tale characters, cars and other items from what the child likes. You can do without decor. The main thing is that the furniture is comfortable and the child likes.

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