One and a half bed: dimensions

Choose a bed carefully. This is because the choice will affect not only the quality of your sleep, but also health. In addition, the design should last as long as possible. We will take into account precisely those factors that are worth paying attention to.

Standard size bed "one and a half"

Before proceeding to the consideration of generally accepted dimensions, it is worth mentioning that their choice depends on the manufacturer. Thus, there are several main types of beds:

  • Domestic;
  • American
  • European.

As for the first option, these are models with a size of 200-210 cm in length, we are talking about a standard bed. Width - from 120 to 160 cm. Speaking of the second option, you should know that it is divided into several models. The length in this case varies from 190 to 203 centimeters, and the width: 122-152 cm.

The eurovariant is no different in length from domestic ones, but its width is 140-160 cm. To summarize, we can say that there are no uniform standards. Each country offers its own options.

Custom models

Of course, all people have different opportunities. Some of them can not afford products with the size of one and a half beds “standard” in the exact see, see, due to the small space of the room or because of their personal preferences. That is, it becomes clear that bed designs can be very different.

  1. It is worth starting with the fact that choosing a single bed, you need to understand, its dimensions can be different. There are many options that customers use. Often ordered options, the length of which reaches more than two meters. They are suitable for people with high stature or large weight. Accordingly, the cost of such a product is higher than usual. In addition, it is worthwhile to understand that a mattress needs to be selected for it personally.
  2. Attention should be paid to the form. It can be not only rectangular. Round, oval and even square designs are gaining more and more popularity.
  3. Design. As for design, the most popular styles are modern and classic. In addition to them, country products, Japanese varieties are distinguished. Beds differ in upholstery material, which can be played by both natural and artificial leather, fabric, etc.
  4. Lifting gears. With their help, it becomes possible to access the built-in drawer for storing laundry. Thus, we can say that a lorry is sometimes a cross between a sofa and an ordinary bed.
  5. Some people use a canopy for beds. And others can choose a transformer.

What linen is suitable for a bed "one and a half"

After a one and a half bed, the dimensions of which are “standard” or others, are with you, the question arises of bedding. Of course, first you need to think about choosing pillows and blankets, since they are considered the most important. But also do not deprive attention and bed linen. Most often the following elements are included there:

  • A sheet;
  • Duvet cover;
  • Pillowcase.

All of these elements are acquired based on their size. They should be larger than the parameters of the bed by 10 centimeters, or even 15.

ATTENTION! Pillowcases on a pillow are usually available in three types. The first is 60 by 60 cm, the second is 70 by 70, the last is 50 by 70 cm. The pillow in the pillowcase should be free. But without fanaticism: in the process of sleep, she should not fall out, like a blanket from a duvet cover.

It is recommended to pay attention to other characteristics:

  1. The presence of various clamps. These may include buttons, zippers. The best solution would be the second option.
  2. A cut on the side or top of the product.
  3. The standard view of the sheet or the product with an elastic band.
  4. An important, but also influencing the choice of linen parameter is the color. For some people, this factor is fundamental. It is advisable to refrain from bright and catchy colors.

One and a half bed which size is better to choose

The answer will depend on several factors. Firstly, this is the area of ​​the room in which the product will be located. Not everyone can afford a large device due to the small room.

Secondly, you need to look at the complexion of a person. Standard bed options are designed for average people.

Third, sleep habits also influence choices. Often you can meet people who are active in a dream; that is, a person used to tossing and turning. Naturally, he needs a bigger bed.

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