How to wash the sides in the crib for babies

In order to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your crumbs, it is important to purchase the sides for the crib. This solution allows you to protect the baby from possible bruises and at the same time makes it possible to consider bright images on the sides. Do not forget that cleanliness is important for the baby, washing is necessary and this must be done correctly. How to clean products for newborns? Let's try to figure out how to wash the sides in the crib for newborns.

What is important to consider before washing

If there is a child in your house and you have equipped his bed with protective sides, it is worthwhile to understand that regular washing is simply necessary. It is also important to consider:

  1. The product is important not only to wash, but to disinfect.
  2. You can wash regularly, without always using powder. It is enough to set the maximum allowable temperature and start the wash.
  3. Do not forget about Velcro. They also need to be disinfected, for this a soap solution is suitable.
  4. You can disinfect the product with a steamer.
  5. Dry the product thoroughly, it is important that there is no moisture left anywhere, which can cause the development of bacteria.

Have you encountered a problem with knocked-down filler? In this case, you should try to straighten it. Washing can also help with your problem. Clean these items at least once every three months, or more often as they become dirty.

What do you need to know?

Washing of the sides should be carried out regularly. Otherwise, you are unlikely to be able to avoid the development of allergic reactions in the baby. The first wash must be done immediately after purchase. Modern manufacturers produce protective parts from quality materials, they are resistant to frequent washing.

In the washing machine

Before starting the wash, it is recommended to perform a number of simple steps:

  • Get rid of stains on the surface. To do this, you will need to prepare a soap solution and treat all heavily contaminated areas with it. If the stains are severe, use appropriate stain removers.
  • The existing ties and Velcro must be tied, otherwise you risk spoiling the washing machine.
  • If there are various removable parts, they must be removed and cleaned separately.
  • Read the information on the label. Here are instructions and recommendations for care.
  • Put the product in the drum and start washing in the mode with the permissible washing temperature.
  • Dry the sides thoroughly.


If you plan to wash dirty parts with your hands, you must follow the algorithm below:

  • Water is heated no more than 40 degrees.
  • Prepare a suitable washing container, detergent and start washing.
  • Wring out each part and rinse thoroughly several times.
  • Dry the sides thoroughly.
  • To prevent the product from losing its color brightness, a little salt can be added to the water during rinsing.
  • Ironing should be carried out in a gentle manner, otherwise you risk spoiling the filler.

Which powder to use

When choosing a detergent, make your choice by studying the characteristics of the available options, this is important. Those that you usually use to wash baby clothes and clothes will do.

IMPORTANT. After washing products with foam or sintepon filler, particles of detergent remain in them, even if you choose an additional rinse.

Your baby is constantly touching the surface of the fabric. Also breathes air, which contains particles of dried powder. For this reason, it is important to choose safe powders, because otherwise your child is at risk of developing allergic reactions, and this can eventually turn into a respiratory tract disease.

REFERENCE. It will not be difficult to choose a good detergent for washing your crumbs.

Useful Tips

Modern manufacturers offer a very diverse assortment of such products. Foam fillers are a thing of the past. This material very quickly accumulated a large amount of dust, and also did not let air through, which negatively affects the health of the crumbs. Such positions may only be relevant in situations where your child is overly active.

If contaminants appear on the sides, they can be removed using wet wipes. This solution allows you to remove fresh stains and avoid the need for urgent washing.

Some experts do not recommend ironing such parts. They justify this by the fact that when the fabric is tensioned, all the irregularities will straighten out by themselves. Even if you prefer ironing, do not set the temperature too high, this can lead to deformation of the material.

Such a protective measure allows your child to actively move in his crib, while he is not injured. You can be sure that your baby will sleep peacefully. Do not forget to wash the product correctly and on time.

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