Which epilator is better disk or tweezers

Smooth and beautiful skin is the concern of every modern woman. There are many ways to remove unwanted hair - this is wax, and shugaring, and creams. Recently, the market offers women special devices for hair removal, designed to facilitate the procedure and replace a salon care.

At home, you can focus on the use of a small compact device - an electric epilator. They are available in two types, which differ in the mode of action: disk, tweezers. Features of each should be considered in order to choose the most suitable option for yourself.

Features of a disk epilator

Disk models appeared on sale relatively recently. Instead of tweezers, the working parts in them are rotating discs, usually in two rows. They rotate, come together and diverge, tearing hairs to the root. Such devices are slightly cheaper than tweezers, and, according to customers, provide less painful procedures.

IMPORTANT! The effectiveness of a disk epilator depends on the number of rotating elements. Practical experiments have shown that the device is able to simultaneously remove up to 25 hairs.

Disk models have a number of positive features:

  1. Price availability. They are significantly cheaper than tweezers.
  2. Careful attitude to the skin - practically does not damage the sensitive surface.
  3. High efficiency.
  4. Low time required for the procedure.
  5. The result lasts up to three weeks.

Using the device has its drawbacks. The sensations from the procedure are individual and depend on the anatomical features of each girl, but as the main disadvantages are noted:

  • soreness of the procedure - the hairs erupt with the root, it can not be painless;
  • ingrown hair.

The patient is the first procedure, then the skin adapts, pain decreases. Hair becomes smaller and thinner, easier to remove.


Tweezers are different from disk epilators. They have staggered tweezers in a checkerboard pattern, which, during the procedure, remove even the smallest hairs. The skin remains completely smooth. Often in the kit are special nozzles for the bikini zone.

IMPORTANT!There are backlit devices on sale, they are more convenient to use.

Like disk, tweezers have their advantages:

  1. Number of working tweezers. Previously, the apparatus had 20 tweezers, now - up to 40 pieces. This provides a super-efficient device.
  2. Special nozzles for the armpit and bikini area. The number of nozzles affects the cost of the device, but can significantly alleviate the pain of the procedure.
  3. Short procedure time - all tweezers work simultaneously and clean the skin quickly.

The disadvantages of these devices:

  1. High soreness. Women note that tweezers are much more painful to use.
  2. Higher risk of skin injury.
  3. High price.

IMPORTANT! Many modern models have the ability to cool and massage the skin, which alleviates pain.

Epilator Comparison

The selection of apparatus for each woman is individual. Nevertheless, it is worth relying on some technical characteristics of the models and personal experience in operating users. It is worth comparing the main characteristics of the models:

  1. Price. Disk devices are slightly cheaper than tweezers, but the cost of good models is kept within 3-4 thousand rubles.
  2. Application area. Both devices are used to handle all problem areas. Comfort is provided by the nozzles included in the kit.
  3. Performance. The tweezers give the best result, and the more working tweezers, the better. Disk tools sometimes require several re-treatments of the same area to complete smoothness.
  4. Pain during the procedure. The sensations are very subjective, but still, most girls note a higher soreness when using tweezers.
  5. Batteries Usually they are the same power on both types of devices.

IMPORTANT!At the first acquaintance with hardware epilators, it is better to choose disk models. They are suitable for beginners because of less pain and lower cost.

Which model is better to choose

When choosing an epilator, you need to focus on your own preferences. Well-established on the market disk devices company Philips. They have a speed controller, are simple and reliable to use.

Roventa Tweezer Epilators are suitable for coarse and thick hair. They have a special cooling massage nozzle and a container for an antiseptic. For the price they are slightly more expensive than Philips models.

Allergy sufferers can find on sale models with hypoallergenic ceramic knives. Such devices are both disk and tweezers. It is good if there is a backlight in the device - during operation it will facilitate visual control of the results.

IMPORTANT! After use, the machine needs to be washed, use special brushes to clean the knives.

Even high-value models quickly pay for themselves. You don’t need to visit the salon, and this saves not only money, but also time. For the first experiments, it is better to choose inexpensive models. Sometimes ladies completely abandon the hardware procedure because of intolerance to pain.

During operation, an understanding will come of which epilator is suitable for each specific woman - disk or tweezers. Any model perfectly performs its functions and serves as an assistant in personal care.

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