Washed a meat grinder in the dishwasher: what to do

If you can refuse kitchen utensils made of aluminum, then meat grinders from other metals are almost never found on sale. Often, after cooking the mince, the housewives want to wash this appliance in the dishwasher, since small particles of meat in hard-to-reach places discourage the desire to clean the device manually.

What to do if you have washed the meat grinder in the dishwasher?

After one or several cleanings in the machine, the parts of the meat grinder sharply darken due to oxidation and become covered with black coating. You cannot cook any food after this. Aluminum poisoning can damage the nervous system and respiratory tract.

Attention! Do not wash the meat grinder in the dishwasher. The same applies to other aluminum utensils: garlic squeezers, spoons, forks, bowls.

Why is the meat grinder darkened?

Meat grinders are made not of pure aluminum, but of alloys. But this does not prevent spoilage. In order to protect the parts are covered with an oxide film. But in a collision with hot water, it begins to collapse.

In the sink, we wash the dishes at a temperature of 30-40 degrees, while the modes in the dishwasher vary from 45 to 90 degrees. Cleaning agents, such as alkali, also have a negative effect.

Cast iron meat grinders are also recommended to be washed manually: otherwise they may rust. The only exception is stainless steel appliances, but there are very few such models.

How to wash a meat grinder from darkening

Important! Damaged meat grinder is very difficult to clean. None of the following methods can give a 100% guarantee of the return of its original appearance.

If you wash the meat grinder in the dishwasher, what should I do? Of the old grandmother's funds, soda will do. It will not return the brilliance, but, according to visitors to the forums, the products will no longer get dirty. Folk remedies also include chalk and tar or laundry soap.

If the plaque could not be removed, then the details can be left for some time in vinegar. On the Internet there are recommendations to use Coca-Cola, but these are most likely tales.

For soda, a metal brush is suitable. Chalk and soap are applied to the sponge. To clean hard-to-reach places, it is recommended to use a toothbrush.

Also, special cleaning products for metal products are suitable. On the forums, funds like Centralin, Jif, and Cilit Bang received good reviews. For heavy artillery, a rust transformer of the Horse type is suitable.

But even after cleaning, the former shine is unlikely to return. Details can be wiped with Goi paste, applying it to the felt base. But do not forget about precautions: after applying the paste, wash the products thoroughly with soap.

All means should be used carefully, carefully studying the composition and precautions.

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