How much does the microwave weigh

Choosing a modern microwave, the buyer is primarily interested in its functions and capabilities. In addition, pays attention to the brand, the design of the device.

Trading offers many models, you can choose the option based on the family budget. But, comprehensively considering the types of microwaves, the future owner of a useful unit does not always pay attention to one important parameter - mass.

We will explain why it is important to know how much the microwave weighs.

Why know the weight of the microwave

Immediately say that the mass of household microwave ovens with a volume of 20 liters is significantly different:

  • The minimum weight is about 8 kg.
  • The maximum weight is about 20 kg.

Does the data of a specific device matter? Of course, since it will have to be taken into account more than once.

When buying, you have already decided why you are purchasing a special oven. If this is an acquisition for permanent use in the kitchen, then you need to find a place for it. And here without taking into account the mass can not do. After all, you will have to choose the appropriate brackets or take care of the reliability of the shelf prepared for the microwave. And different weights make different demands on them.

And if the owner of the microwave rents a house? Yes, besides changing addresses? So, for him, the weight becomes important not only during installation, but also during transportation of the unit.

As with the purchase of a furnace for a daughter or son who is to live in a student dormitory.

There will be other cases when you need to know and consider the weight of the SCV: relocation, repair or relocation, equipping a country house, etc.

Thus, each buyer can determine in advance whether he needs a lighter device or if his weight will remind himself infrequently.

What determines the weight of the microwave

Now let's try to understand why the mass of different microwaves is so different.

To do this, we need to figure out what the weight of the devices depends on.


It is easy to understand that, first of all, the microwave weight directly depends on its size.

Important! The smaller the microwave, the easier it is.

And the size of the inner chamber, in turn, affects the size of the dishes that fit in it.

Depending on the parameters 3 types of microwaves are distinguished.

Stationary models of different sizes

Such products are installed on the countertop, window sill, special shelf or bracket. The weight of standard microwaves that stand alone is about 15 kg.

The weight of a particular device can vary both to a lesser extent (10-12 kg), and to a greater extent (up to 20 kg). It depends on the volume and capabilities of the furnaces.

Recessed microwave

They suggest placement in a special niche, which is provided for them in the kitchen.

Their weight is similar to the weight of free-standing stoves. And it depends on the same conditions: the value of capacity and equipment.

Portable microwave

As the name implies, they belong to the group of the most compact and lightest devices.

After all, they are intended for frequent transportation, use not only in home cooking, but also on the road. For example, when connected to a car battery. The weight of such devices is from 5 to 7 kg.

Important! The smallest and lightest microwaves are designed for heating, not cooking.

Materials used in the manufacture of the device

What is also made of the device is important. The first units were bulky and completely made of metal. Not surprisingly, the weight of this technique was very solid. The earliest models reached 100 kg or more!

Today, control units have become compact, which has significantly reduced the mass of devices.

But some manufacturers decided not to stop there. To reduce their own production costs, they use plastic parts instead of metal components. Moreover, high-quality and durable materials are not always used.

Important! Thanks to plastic elements, microwaves become easier and cheaper. However, such details are inferior in quality and often fail.

How many different types of microwaves weigh

Another and very important point that significantly affects the mass of the microwave oven is their functionality.

Today with the help of familiar stoves, you can perform various actions. They can not only heat, but also put out, bake, fry foods. For this device is equipped with different parts. The more they are in the microwave, the harder it gets.

  • Simple appliances - up to 15 kg;
  • Not the most powerful microwave solos are lighter than average: 11-12 kg.
  • Replacing the transformer with an inverter that energizes the magnetron also made the stove lighter - about 11 kg.
  • But the equipment with a grill and a convector adds kilograms. Such microwave ovens weigh from 18 to 25 kg.

Now, choosing a microwave, you can choose a model whose weight will be optimal.

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