Can I turn on an empty microwave

Any manufacturer of microwave ovens provides complete information on the operation of the product in the attached instructions.

But what to do if you need to check the operability of the device, but there is no annotation at hand? Understanding will help basic knowledge of the principle of operation of microwaves.

Microwave and its effects on products

Any microwave oven is produced using the main components: magnetron, emitter, fan and camera.

It is the latter that interests the end consumer. Immediately it is worth noting the fact that regardless of the brand and price of the device, the camera for heating products is always made of iron sheets.

Only a metal surface is able to reflect microwaves well, so they distributed over the entire volume of the working compartment. The difference will only be in the inner cover. Most often, enamel or ceramic is used.

After pressing the start button, the magnetron begins to emit magnetic waves of different lengths. Getting into the "trap" of the camera, they are reflected from the walls and pass through food at different angles. However, the microwaves themselves do not heat the products.

REFERENCE. Heating food in microwave ovens occurs at the molecular level.

Any matter consists of molecules. They, in turn, are made up of positively and negatively charged particles. Passing through matter, a magnetic wave creates an electric field and "builds" positive and negative particles on different sides.

As soon as the plate rotates, the wave passes through matter in a different direction and the particles rebuild again.

REFERENCE. In the standard heating mode, the frequency of polarity reversal reaches 5 billion times per second.

A constant change of poles causes friction between the molecules, which gives a heating effect. In this case, the products in the microwave ovens begin to warm up from the inside.

Why include an empty microwave

Of course, no one specifically turns on the oven with an empty chamber.

As a rule, this happens by chance or on the first day after purchase - to check the performance.

But, not always even the presence of products in the chamber can protect the oven from negative consequences. It's all about the amount of food warmed up.

A sandwich, a pie, a slice of sausage, a slice of tomato ... All this gradually destroys the household appliance. In this case, the operation of a microwave oven is equivalent to working with an empty chamber, since most of the waves are not absorbed.

IMPORTANT: The minimum weight of heated or cooked foods should not be lower than 200 grams.

To avoid damage, just use the following tips.

  • A glass of water left in the chamber will prevent the consequences of accidental switching on.
    If you have to heat a small amount of food, in addition to a plate of food, you need to put a container of water in the chamber.
  • A small amount of water will also prevent the food from drying out and spattering.

Just one glass of water will help to save the device for many years. While neglect of this rule can lead to irreversible consequences.

Turning on the microwave with an empty camera

It is believed that when idling, magnetic waves do not find obstacles and gradually fade away.

But everything looks a little different. If you turn on the oven with a small portion, then at best the product itself will deteriorate - it will dry out or burst.

But a completely empty camera can lead to far more dire consequences.

How does the operation of an empty microwave on the device

During the timer, the waves continue to be generated by the magnetron and reflected from the walls of the chamber.

But if, with proper heating, they are absorbed by liquid, vegetables or fruits, then in an empty chamber, they hit the walls in full, which eventually spoils the coating.

With prolonged activation, magnetic energy begins to accumulate inside and has the opposite effect on the magnetron, the breakdown of which cannot be repaired.

Is there an effect of including an empty microwave on a person

During heating, the waves are completely absorbed. But even with an empty camera, they cannot do any harm to a person. With the door closed, their penetration outside is impossible. With an open chamber, wave radiation of such a volume is quickly scattered by air atoms. therefore the use of a microwave oven with an empty chamber is dangerous for the device itself and completely harmless to people.

To summarize: is it possible to turn on an empty microwave

Turning on an empty microwave can lead to rapid breakdown of furnace parts or even a short circuit. Therefore, it is impossible to prevent even accidental switching on of the device if there is nothing in its camera.

In order for the equipment to serve for a long time, it needs to be operated in strict accordance with the attached instructions and use practical advice. This will greatly facilitate life and reduce unforeseen expenses.

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