The computer does not see the scanner

There are times when the computer does not see the scanner, and there are many reasons for this. Let's get acquainted with the most common of them, and find out how to fix it.

The computer does not see the scanner: reasons

If the computer does not see the scanner, this does not always mean that one of the devices is broken. It may be necessary to install drivers or additional programs (the device simply cannot create a copy of the image in the standard way). Among the most common reasons why the computer does not see the scanner can be identified:

  1. The cable is damaged.
  2. No drivers or they are out of date.
  3. The scanner is not configured correctly.
  4. The port is damaged.
  5. The problem is in the system.

Cable damage

If the device does not work, first of all we check the cable. Try switching the plug to a different USB connector. Check connection density. Inspect the cable and plug for external damage. Most often, contacts stick to the cable (in the area where the plug is). Another problem is damaged insulation. If you know how to work with a soldering iron, try to repair it with your own hands. If not, take it to a service center or buy a new one.

Attention! You can also test the cable’s performance by connecting it to another computer. You can buy a new cable if it is broken.

Lack of drivers

The most common problem, because all devices need drivers. Perhaps they are simply improperly installed. Insert a disk into the drive and install them. If there is no disk, download on the Internet. But pay attention, there are a lot of drivers, and you need those that are compatible with devices. If the drivers are already installed, uninstall the old version before reinstalling. Do not forget to restart your computer.

Incorrect settings

Perhaps there are incorrect settings, then the computer can not see the device. It is highly likely that other equipment is installed by default. Go to settings and open the list of equipment. Locate your scanner and right-click on it. A menu opens where you must select Use as default.

If this does not help, double-click on the name of the equipment with the left mouse button. Select the “Scanner” tab and uncheck the boxes next to “Scan Stop” and “Offline Operation”. Empty the queue.

Port damage

Another common problem. First, inspect the port for external damage. You can also check the connector by connecting other equipment, such as a USB flash drive or keyboard. If they earned, the reason is different. If not, the computer will have to be carried to a service center.

The system is malfunctioning

The problem with the functionality of the system. For example, a computer failure has occurred. In such cases, you need to make all the default settings. You can also restart the computer. If this does not help, reinstall Windows.

Important! It is recommended to do this only as a last resort, having previously saved all the data on another disk (system information will be formatted).

What to do if the computer does not see the scanner

If the computer does not see the equipment, do the following:

  1. We are trying to rearrange the cable in another USB-connector.
  2. We check the cable, plug and port for physical damage.
  3. Check the power supply of the scanner itself.
  4. Check the mains voltage. The device may not have enough power.
  5. Turn off other devices that may block the operation of the equipment.
  6. Checking for drivers.
  7. We are trying to restart the computer.
  8. We check in the settings whether we chose the scanner by default.
  9. We reset

Perhaps you just need to install an additional application. Let's try to use one of the following:

  1. The program can work with several devices at the same time.
  2. ABBYY FineReader. Paid application, but can recognize images and texts. There is a free trial period.
  3. A free program that can save data in PDF format.
  4. Suitable if you need to transfer a lot of information.

If the scanner does not work, first check the cable, port and drivers. If you can’t determine the cause, contact a service center.

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