How to turn off the backlight on the keyboard

Currently, the keyboard performs not only its functional role, but also a stylistic one, emphasizing the individuality of each user. One of the most popular ways to highlight the style of a particular device is to provide a bright and unusual backlight. Its presence provides not only an individual style, but also has practical value. It allows you to ensure comfortable use of this gadget even in the dark. However, in some cases, its presence can be annoying, especially in situations where the light does not turn off automatically when the computer is turned off. We will tell you how to do it yourself.

Disable in the keyboard settings

In order to turn off the annoying light, there are several basic ways.

Using a special button

Often, especially on premium devices, there are special buttons that are responsible for controlling the backlight. Usually they are located on top or on the side of the gadget case. These buttons are responsible not only for turning on or off the backlight itself, but also for its brightness or color gamut, as well as the intensity of radiation (on some models).

Using a special application

For many devices there are special applications which allow you to make settings for brightness and color. They also allow you to set the sensitivity and reassign keys on the keyboard.

Disable key combination

In that case, if you need to turn off the backlight on the laptop keyboard, a special combination of keys will come to the rescue. Usually This combination is model specific. and is to press the key Fn + one of the function buttons (F1 - F12).

Usually the exact combination is indicated in the technical documentation for each specific model. If there is no possibility to open special documentation, the user can try to find the right combination by selection. To do this, press the Fn + button alternately from F1 to F12.

ATTENTION! During this selection, the laptop can go into sleep mode or reboot.

Possible problems

There are situations when the backlight continues after turning off the PC. This may cause some inconvenience. This problem is due to the fact that the USB-port, even after disconnecting, the nominal voltage is applied, because of which the keyboard remains in operation. There are several ways to fix this:

  • Disconnect device. To do this, simply pull out the USB cable from the connector. This method is not very convenient, as it requires a constant connection and disconnection of the gadget.
  • Disconnection through BIOS. To do this, go to the BIOS settings. To do this, you need to press the Del or F2 button while turning on the computer. In the menu that opens, go to the Power Management section and select ErP Disabled.

REFERENCE! In different versions of this item may be called differently.

  • Hardware disconnection. Usually on backlit keyboards on the case there are special controls that allow you to turn off or turn on the glow. Just press one button and the problem will be solved.

Watch the video: how to turn on and off keyboard backlight in windows 10 in laptop 2016 (November 2019).


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