Dimension Chair Ladder Drawings

Of course, any invention that is made independently, brings not only cost savings, but also incredible pleasure. However, in any business it is necessary to know certain nuances and features of all actions. In this article, we will try to analyze in detail all the significant points so that the resulting design is as reliable as possible and has been operated by the owner for many years to come.


Since the presented device is very popular, there are a sufficient number of varieties that differ in design. Of course, this is taken into account during assembly. We consider each existing model separately so as not to get confused directly in the process of assembling each part.

Transformer chair

The named type is practically no different from the usual invention. However, from the familiar state, you can easily get the unit, which is a stepladder. To do this, you just need to disassemble in a certain way all the details inherent in it. Perhaps the main advantage is the fact that the design is able to complement any interior, of a very different kind. This is because it is possible to use the chair in two variations.

In this case, design becomes important. Because the degree of approach to the surrounding image will depend on this. For this, experts recommend neglecting the decoration, namely coloring the seat and back in a separate color. And it will be better if the shades of the base and other products will be in contrast.

ATTENTION! It is important to remember that in the unfolded position the unit has exclusively steps in quantities of three pieces. In order to complete the assembly, the following points should be followed, the sequence of which must be maintained:

  1. Separately prepared parts and drawings with dimensions. They must be carefully sanded with a special machine or sandpaper. In addition, you can use the router if the bars have sharp corners or too rough surfaces.
  2. For the back, you can use both the bar and the whole piece. In any case, it is fixed by screws to the sides of the device.
  3. As for the steps and the seat, this fixation of the product data due to the grooves. To give reliability to the unit, the craftsmen advise using glue and screws that are inserted into the original hole.
  4. At the end of the whole process, all products are fastened together by a piano loop of the required length. Just before use, it is advisable to check the quality and practicality of the device. In case of improper execution, it is worth eliminating errors and arising malfunctions.

Step stool high

When thinking about such a structure, you need to understand that it looks like an unusual chair, the feature of which is elevation. In addition, you can notice a specially designed compartment that can be advanced as necessary. Unlike the previous device, this one has two steps with it, however, you can use the seat, respectively, as the third.

This happens with the help of certain guides, which are usually used in the installation of drawers. Directly in the process of carrying out the steps of the invention, it is advisable not to glue all the possible products, because in the future this can lead to deficiencies in operation. To complete the manufacturing steps, you will also need blanks for the seat and steps.

  1. At the beginning of the activity, four middle legs, two small ones and the same number of crossbeams should be selected. In addition, three pieces of the front and one back of the drawer. You should not forget about the two steps, which are also useful.
  2. After selection, it is worth processing each product as in the previous version of the chair. The resulting parts should be as smooth and even as possible, so that during operation a person could not harm himself due to the construction.
  3. It is very important to monitor the location of the legs in order to avoid further problems. The degree under which they should be located is an indicator of 10. This is the best option, because with it the details are ideally located, and in parallel.
  4. As for the collet, this is a position of 80 degrees.
  5. The steps should be most precisely aligned with the legs. For this, certain recesses with notches should be highlighted.
  6. For the manufacture of medium parts, you need to fix the crossbars. In addition, connect all the kingpins, both front and rear. Screws should help in this matter.
  7. Next, create a position in which the entire product was located as you would like. Then you can screw the guide. All this is necessary in order to check the quality of the work performed. If you have no discontent and are satisfied with everything, then you can safely proceed to the reverse collection and combine all the components thanks to glue. Using this method, it is possible to quickly identify deficiencies in the assembled structure and correct defects, since the parts are not initially fixed.

Ladder Chair

Speaking about this variety, it is worthwhile to understand that the design is the most similar construction to a step-stool. The device is equipped with special runners, with the help of which the compartment actually extends. In addition, it is impossible not to mention that the ladder assembly can be executed both with the presence of a back and with its absence. It depends entirely on the preferences of the future user. Getting started is standard:

  1. A drawing is created, and then the patterns. Then you can start cutting and processing parts. Everything is the same as in previous situations. That is, the corners are eliminated, thereby creating a perfectly smooth surface. She is the goal at this stage. This must be done for longer life.
  2. When all the parts are ready, you can start assembling, namely, the sidewalls and other products are assembled. All this is done with the help of screws.
  3. The main part is fixed with a step solely due to the piano loop.

Spiral module stepladder

The name speaks for itself: a device in which parts extend in a spiral motion. It is considered a fairly original structure that has an unusual appearance. In addition, the design is multifunctional. Therefore, if you want to purchase a structure unlike others, then this model is for you. You can also note the fact that the stool has such a property as compactness. To create it, you will have to parse the following algorithm of actions:

  1. All corners should be made slightly round, however, except for the top.
  2. In other corners, holes must be made.
  3. The whole structure is assembled according to the previous principle, namely without the use of building glue. This is also necessary to be able to verify the correct collection of all parts.
  4. If everything is correctly done, you can safely proceed to the reverse steps in order to apply both self-tapping screws and glue in the future. Then it is recommended to determine the degree of reliability. In cases of deficiencies, they should be directly addressed.

What will be required for manufacturing?

Of course, before you do the work directly, you need to carefully prepare. The productivity of further actions will depend on this. So, you should collect the following list of items. It includes tools such as:

  • Sandpaper, with which the surface of the wood is worked out;
  • Construction glue;
  • Hacksaw;
  • Wood screws;
  • Self-tapping screws and other various products for fixing items with each other;
  • Electric jigsaws;
  • Screws and dowels to fix every detail;
  • Drill and, accordingly, drills suitable for it;
  • Guides, and the quantity should be two pieces of a set;
  • Plane;
  • Special varnish and processing agents;
  • In addition, you will need to directly obtain materials, namely wooden blocks, the dimensions of which need to be separately ascertained and clarified. Options may vary.

Preliminarily, it is best to make a rough sketch for the activity. He will help you cope with the manipulations. With possible incidents, it will always be possible to refer to the scheme and clarify further actions. On it, the most accurate design parameters in different spaces should be noted. On the Internet you can find various options for execution, however, this can also be done independently. But it is worth remembering that when changing one indicator, you need to change the subsequent ones, otherwise the structure will lose reliability and will not be ready to perform the proper functions.


After all reliably performed manipulations, it is recommended to carry out the finishing stage in order to give additional neatness and, if possible, decorate the finished structure. This is done with the help of a special varnish for wood, to give the greatest life span of the material, as well as protect it from possible rot. In addition, experts advise using pre-antiseptics.

REFERENCE! This invention is ideal for assisting in the kitchen and in other rooms. Do not forget about the possibility of exploitation during the construction process. Thus, due to the huge range of uses, the invention is in such demand among users.

Watch the video: Creating a Transforming Chair Ladder (November 2019).


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